PowerAntiSpy Removal Guide

Do you know what PowerAntiSpy is?

PowerAntiSpy or Power AntiSpy, is fake anti-spyware designed to trick you into spending your money on a licensed version of this malicious program when it is not necessary. PowerAntiSpy should defiantly not be your first choice of programs for removing spyware because it does a very lousy job at it. Actually, PowerAntiSpy does not remove any spyware, only the money from your wallet.

If you end up with PowerAntiSpy installed on your system then you may be greeted with a plethora of popups or system alert messages that claim you have infections on your computer. We found these messages to be untrue. PowerAntiSpy is the actual parasite or program that should be removed from your computer.

In non-techie terms: You should never install or purchase PowerAntiSpy under any circumstances. PowerAntiSpy is a waste of time and money. Why spend $30 to $80 on a program that is as useless when you can use that money to fill your gas tank?

Aliases: PowerAntiSpy, Power AntiSpy, Power-Anti-Spy.

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