Poweliks Removal Guide

Do you know what Poweliks is?

Is your computer running disorderly? If it is, it is possible that the clandestine Poweliks has corrupted your operating system and infected it with various malicious programs. The clandestine Trojan has been developed to download and execute malware, which is why the removal of this threat is crucial. Computer users who do not know that they need to delete Poweliks could face fake AVs, ransomware, adware, browser hijackers, and various other infections. Unfortunately, computer users often remove attacking infections without recognizing the root of the problem. Note that if you do not delete the Trojan, the removed infections could be resorted, and this is what you need to avoid.

The devious Poweliks Trojan can be installed onto the computer using different tricks. Our researchers warn that outdated Windows operating systems are extremely vulnerable. If updates are not installed, Poweliks could use the CVE-2012-0158 exploit which affects Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 and 2010 versions. The infection could be dropped onto the PC if you install unreliable software bundles as well. All in all, most computer users have to remove Poweliks after opening corrupted spam email attachments. Never open suspicious .doc, .zip, or .pdf files sent by unfamiliar parties. If you are careless and open the corrupted attachments, you will execute malware yourself. Our malware researchers testing the threat and its removal have discovered that Poweliks may be presented via a fictitious email supposedly sent by the Canada Post Corporation. It is likely that you already need to delete malware if you have clicked a corrupted link presented via this bogus message.

Subject: Scheduled package delivery failed / [date] (Canada Post Version)
Dear customer,
We attempted to deliver your item on [date and time].
The delivery attempt failed because nobody was present at the shipping address […]
To check on the delivery status of your mailing or arrange redelivery please visit the following URL: [malware source]

Do you think you can remove Poweliks from the Windows operating system manually? This may be a bad idea. First of all, it is unclear how many infections are active on your computer. Needless to say, the more infections there are, the more difficult the removal operation will be. Secondly, Poweliks cannot be deleted easily. The infection runs from HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. If you launch the Registry Editor, you will not be able to locate the corrupted key and change its value because Poweliks can embed the nulls, and this is what helps to conceal the threat. Authentic security software will delete all Trojan’s components, and it will ensure that all other threats are removed as well.

In non-techie terms:

Poweliks is a clandestine infection which you must remove from the operating system as soon as possible. The threat downloads malware and helps restore devious infections if you remove their startup keys. It is extremely difficult to remove Poweliks from the PC manually, and so we recommend using automatic malware removal software instead. Use the instructions below if you cannot install reliable software in a regular manner. The automatic malware remover we recommend will delete Poweliks as the "Unknown Rootkit."