Pornhub Removal Guide

Do you know what Pornhub is?

Pornhub is an adult-oriented website that hosts pornographic videos and pictures. Although the website itself has not been reported to cause any serious trouble to the computer users, if you visit the website you have to have your cookies enabled, and this is how you get the Pornhub tracking cookie stored in your system. It is very common for adult-oriented websites to employ cookies, because it is an easy way to track their traffic. Pornhub cookie records your browsing activity and sends the information back to the website.

Quite a few users reported being unable to get rid of Pornhub cookie. If that is the case, then it is very likely that the cookie has been hacked by a third party to collect your personal data for marketing and other purposes. Malicious activity of Pornhub cookie is characterized by endless pop-up advertisements, and random redirections to affiliated websites, that you clearly have never visited before. Although the official stance is that Pornhub cookie is supposed to improve the overall browsing experience, you cannot rule out the possibility that it can be misused by a third party to spy on you.

Therefore, users are recommended to remove Pornhub cookie from their computers, if they don't want to risk disclosing their information to cyber criminals. The most dangerous thing about Pornhub cookie is not the piece of data itself, but the possibility that you can be infected with even more dangerous malware, if you click on an infected pop-up advertisement. Therefore, Pornhub cookie can indirectly become responsible for a serious computer infection, and you would not even realize it, because most of the time, the users are responsible for installing tracking cookies themselves.

If you see that you cannot remove Pornhub cookie from your computer via uninstall utility or through your browser settings, we recommend using an antispyware program that categorizes cookies as potentially unwanted programs and removes them altogether. Automatic removal is also efficient, because you can detect and remove other infections that could be hiding in your system at the same time.

In non-techie terms:

Porhub cookie is a piece of data that allows a particular website (or a hacker) to track your browsing habits. If it is hacked by a third party, it might leak your personal information to cyber criminals, so you are strongly advised to remove Pornhub cookie from your computer with a reliable antimalware tool.

Aliases: cookie.Porhub.