Police Nationale Virus Removal Guide

Do you know what Police Nationale Virus is?

Police Nationale Virus is a computer infection that utilizes official symbols of French law enforcement authorities. This ransomware pretends to be an official representative of the Gendarmerie and national Police, thus making the infected users think that they have committed something bad, and therefore their computers are locked by this application. Sometimes the users really have committed some of the illegal acts that are listed by Police Nationale Virus, and so they would think that their computers are locked for a very good reason.

However, there is nothing legal or legitimate about Police Nationale Virus. It is a member of the Ukash Virus family, and it infects French users with intention to lure their money out of them. All versions of Ukash Virus make more than 50,000 USD a day for their creators, and if you fall for this scam, you will also end up spending your money for nothing. Actually, Police Nationale Virus looks very intimidating because part of its interface is a video window that displays your own image if you have a webcam on. It creates an impression that you are being monitored by the national police office. However, that is not real. Therefore, the following message from Police Nationale Virus is also fake:

Police Nationale Virus Removal GuidePolice Nationale Virus screenshot
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Vous avez voile la loi "Sur le droit d'auteur et les droits contigus>> (Video, Musique, Logiciel) et vous avez illegalement servi et/ou diffuse le contenu protege par le droit d'auteur, de ce fait vous avez voile l'article 128 du Code penal de la France. L'article 128 du Cone penal prevoit l'amende d'un montant de 2 jusqu'a 500 remunerations du travail minimales ou la privation de liberte pour de 2 a 8 ans.

Even though Police National Virus claims that your computer has been blocked due to the fact that you have violated French laws by illegally downloading and storing copyrighted material (videos, music and software). According to French laws you could be sentenced to pay a 2500 USD fine or receive and imprisonment sentence from 2 up to 8 years for what you've "done". However, if you scroll down the message, you will see that Police Nationale Virus promises to unlock your computer once you pay a 100 euro release fee.

Unfortunately, this release fee is nothing but a hoax, because Police Nationale Virus will only steal your money, and you computer will remain locked. Remove Police Nationale Virus from your computer yourself following these steps:

  1. Reboot the computer and press F8 before Windows logo shows up.
  2. Select Safe Mode with Networking from the System boot menu and press Enter.
  3. Access the Internet and download SpyHunter From:
  4. Install SpyHunter and remove Police Nationale Virus.

In case you have Windows XP:

  1. Follow the steps above from 1 to 3.
  2. Open Start menu and click on Run...
  3. Type "msconfig" into the RUN box and press Enter.
  4. System Configuration menu will show up. Click the Startup tab and un-check all program on the list. Click OK and exit the menu.
  5. Reboot the computer again, this time in Normal mode, and install SpyHunter
  6. Launch SpyHunter and remove Police Nationale Virus.

In non-techie terms:

Police Nationale Virus is a ransomware infection that wants to make you think you have breached various laws and you need to pay for it. There is nothing real about this program and you must remove Police Nationale Virus immediately.

Aliases: Virus Police Nationale.