PersonalAntiSpy Removal Guide

Do you know what PersonalAntiSpy is?

PersonalAntiSpy or Personal AntiSpy, is a fake anti-spyware program that makes a false impression of a legitimate security tool for your computer. PersonalAntiSpy will facilitate system scans displaying fake results that are used as scare tactics to get you to purchase the full PersonalAntiSpy program.

PersonalAntiSpy displays many fake security warnings and popups that tend to annoy any computer user to the point that some action must be taken. PersonalAntiSpy may come from a Trojan or even the website where the Personal AntiSpy program may be advertised and sold.

Tip: Computer users should avoid downloading, installing or purchasing PersonalAntiSpy under all circumstances. PersonalAntiSpy is a hoax and cannot be trusted. website image:

Aliases: PersonalAntiSpy, Personal AntiSpy, Personal Anti Spy,