PcSecureNet Removal Guide

Do you know what PcSecureNet?

PcSecureNet is yet another misleading security application, descendant from the same rogue-ware family as: PcsSecure, APcSafe and and many more. PcSecureNet reports falsified and highly exaggerated system security threats on your computer and displays fake security warnings and notifications – all mere tactics to frighten and coerce the user into thinking their computer is badly infected with malware. When active, it will imitate a fake system scan and will prompt a payment for the full version of the program. Claiming to be able to remove the threats. Do not purchase PcSecureNet, as it is nothing more than a scam. PcSecureNet will not remove any infections simply because it is an infection itself. PcSecureNet also tends to constantly display fake security alerts and warnings about serious security and privacy issues. It is highly likely that a system infiltrated with this dubious application will display the following alerts messages informing the user about known infections. These infections are actual infections, but it may not be present in the computer system, as is suggested by the fake malware.

In non-techie terms:

PcSecureNet uses real names and descriptions in order to give an illusion of credibility. But do NOT fall for this fake applications‘ tactics – simply remove PcSecureNet as soon as it has been detected!

Aliases: Pc SecureNet, Pc Secure Net, PcSecure Net.