PCeU infection Removal Guide

Do you know what PCeU infection is?

PCeU infection, the newest form of the Metropolitan Police Virus and other infections using the Ukash money transfer services, will be presented to you in a form of your system’s lock-down. This means that you will not be able to connect to the internet, launch security tools to remove PCeU infection, check Task Manager processes or access any other parts of your system. The only thing you will be able to navigate around is the simulated Police Central e-Crime Unit warning. Unfortunately, you will not be able to remove this bogus notification until you delete the infection from your computer.

The fictitious message on your screen will tell you that you will not be able to access your computer, unless you pay the alleged fine of 100GBP. To say the least, you should not do this, especially if you do not meet the accusations stated in the fake notification. It is very brave of cyber criminals to accuse you of such serious crimes as sending spam emails linked with terrorism and storing video files of child abuse, so if you understand that this is just a highly intimidating way to scam your money, please ignore this warning:

This operating system is locked due to the violation of the laws of the United Kingdom! Following violations were detected:
This IP address was used to visit websites containing pornography, child pornography, zoophilia and child abuse. Your computer also contains videos with Pornographic content, elements of violence and child pornography! Spam-messages with terrorist motives were also sent from your computer.
To unlock your computer you are obliged to pay a fine of £100.

Another factor that should warn you that PCeU infection is a virus that you need to delete from your computer is the requested form of the “fine” payment via Ukash and Paysafecard companies. It is nearly impossible to track money transfers made via codes provided by these authentic e-payment service providers, so there is no doubt that legal, governmental authorities would never trust them with any charges:

You could pay the forfeit in two ways:
1) Paying through Ukash:
To do this, you should enter the 19 digits code in the payment form and press OK (if you have several codes, enter them one after the other and press OK).
If an error occurs, send the codes to address surcharge@cyber-metropolitan-police.co.uk
2) Paying through Paysafecard:
To do this, you should enter the 16 digits resulting code (if necessary with a password) in the payment form and press OK (if you have sever codes, enter them one after other and press OK).

In non-techie terms:
PCeU infection Removal GuidePCeU infection screenshot
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PCeU infection is one of the most devious and malignant scams in the virtual world today; therefore, it is very important that you remove it right away. To start removal processes, you will firstly need to unlock your system, and you can do that by booting your PC into Safe Mode with Networking. This will allow you to access the Internet and download such legitimate security tools as SpyHunter to delete PCeU infection, and this automated removal option is by far much more reliable than the manual one. With PCeU infection inside the PC, your system could be infected with tens of different malignant applications, and if you trusted your skills to detect and delete them, there is a great chance you would miss some important components that could allow malware regeneration. So, trust automatic removal tools and have PCeU infection deleted right away.

Aliases: PCeU virus.