Payeer Virus Removal Guide

Do you know what Payeer Virus is?

Payeer Virus is a rogue anti-spyware which is also known as Windows Security Virus or Defru Virus. The malicious infection is executed using files which may be dropped onto the computer using devious scams. Researchers have discovered that w1ndows_b456.exe (the numbers may change) is the file which could be dropped onto the computer using drive-by download and social engineering scams. If you delete the file in time, Payeer Virus removal will not be an issue you need to deal with. Of course, if automatic malware removal software is not installed to guard your virtual security, it is unlikely that you will remove the file in time. Once executed, this file will modify the Windows Host file, and this is how the rogue will be able to block certain websites.Payeer Virus Removal GuidePayeer Virus screenshot
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According to researchers,,,, and are few of the hundreds of sites which Payeer Virus may block. When you try to visit these sites, you will be presented with the rogue’s warning suggesting that malware has corrupted the PC. The main goal for the rogue is to trick you into thinking that you need to delete these infections. Of course, you certainly should delete Trojan.fakealert or Trojan Horse IRC if they existed on the operating system; however, Payeer Virus scanner is fictitious, and it cannot identify real threats. Therefore, you should not even think about paying the requested $4.75 for their removal. If you end up transferring the fee, rogue’s developers will get your money and information about your banking account.

It may be difficult to realize that Payeer Virus is just an infection. Most computer users who discover blocked access to certain websites will immediately think that they truly need to delete the presented malware. Furthermore, the fake scanner is presented with the Windows logo, which may trick many computer users as well. In reality, all you need to do is remove Payeer Virus files from file folders created within %APPDATA% and modify/fix the Host file. Needless to say, if you are not experienced with the manual malware removal, we do not think that you should deal with the rogue by yourself. Instead, you should install automatic malware removal software. Note that the infection is very new, and not all security tools are equipped to detect and delete it yet. Choose reliable software.

In non-techie terms:

Payeer Virus is considered to be a rogue anti-spyware which is operated through unauthorized redirecting. The infection modifies the Host file to block access to certain popular sites and redirects you to the page suggesting that you need to delete malware. If you use the Payeer system to pay for the supposedly legitimate removal services, you could jeopardize your virtual security. What you should do instead is install an automatic malware remover which will delete the infection, fix the Host file and ensure further system’s protection.