PageRage Removal Guide

Do you know what PageRage is?

PageRage is the name of an application which provides computer users with a chance to customize their Facebook accounts by adding various skins. The settings of the browser are not changed; however, the skin applied is not visible to others if they do not have this application installed. Seemingly harmless, the PageRage application opens the for a third party companies to display their advertisements.

The application is designed for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer and it is installed as a browser plug-in. The advertisements that are generated while using any of the browser are reported to be attributed to such companies as The Gap and AT&T although the advertiser claim that they are not dealing with PageRage.

If you have this plug-in installed without your approval, the odds are that you have downloaded some software to which this application was attached. It is very likely that you did not notice the lines asking you whether you want to have PageRage installed. Hence you should uninstall the application, but this does not mean that you are protected. Are you sure that the application you downloaded is legitimate? Have you checked whether the system contains any malicious components that might have violated your privacy without your consent?

In non-techie terms:

Even though PageRage may seem to be harmless, you should ignore its advertisements which may be promoting websites or various items available online. Do not run the risk of getting the system infected by clicking on those pop-ups and scan the system with a reliable spyware removal tool. We recommend that you download our free scanner, which is available below, in order to scan the system and learn what malicious components should be removed from the system.

Aliases: Page Rage.