Openmediasoft Virus Removal Guide

Do you know what Openmediasoft Virus is?

Openmediasoft Virus is a browser hijacker which also replaces the homepage of your internet browser into The virus bypasses security tools, and once installed, it attempts to redirect search results to irrelevant websites. We urge you to act immediately and remove Openmediasoft Virus without hesitation, because as soon as you get rid of this unwanted program, the settings of your browsers will be restored.

The hijacker is able to adjust the settings of such browsers as Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and others. Moreover, it redirects users to its search engine, which always presents websites which have no relation to the keywords you use. If you pay close attention to the new search engine, which might replace your home page, you will find that the simulated Google version does not have many elements presented at the actual As long as you keep this hijacker in the system, you will not be able to access desirable websites, because you will be constantly redirected. Hence, do not wait and download SpyHunter, which will undoubtedly remove Openmediasoft Virus from the system.

If you do not remove the hijacker, your privacy may be exposed to danger of losing your personal information, because the unwanted program might collect information or even download more malware to the PC. Therefore, eliminate the infection from the system and browsers by using SpyHunter which is easy to install and use.

In non-techie terms:

Openmediasoft Virus is an unwanted program which infects a computer through drive-by downloads, when you download a spam email attachment, etc. The infection is a browser hijacker which redirects search results to replacing the user’s homepage. It is highly advisable to remove Openmediasoft Virus; otherwise, your identity could be put at risk.

Aliases: Open media soft.