Northern Constabulary E-Crime Unit virus Removal Guide

Do you know what Northern Constabulary E-Crime Unit virus is?

Northern Constabulary E-Crime Unit virus is one of ransomware infections which you should be aware. The virus in question is a ransomware infection, and it aims to convince you to pay money to unlock your computer, which is paralyzed as soon as the infection gets into the system. It is crucial to ignore a pop-up notification stating that you have to pay money, because this is the method used by the criminals behind the virus, which you should remove immediately if you want to fix your PC.

The presence of Northern Constabulary E-Crime Unit virus means that you have no access to the desktop, which also means that as long as the infection is on the PC you cannot access the Internet as well. To make the situation even worse, the virus displays a message accusing you of violating laws of copyright; therefore, the computer is said to be locked. Pay no attention to the accusation and the credentials of Northern Constabulary and keep in mind that the police have never dealt with crimes in this way. Moreover, ignore the request for the ransom money which is expected to be paid as soon as possible.

The only rational solution for the problem is to remove Northern Constabulary E-Crime Unit virus from the system and protect the computer so that it will not get infected with any other computer threats. Once you have removed Northern Constabulary E-Crime Unit virus, the system will operate normally without being disrupted, especially if it is being protected by a powerful spyware removal application.

We recommend that you use SpyHunter to remove Northern Constabulary E-Crime Unit virus, which you may think is impossible to do, because there is no access to the Internet. The truth is that there some tricks that will enable you to access the Internet from the infected computer and download the anti-spyware program.

  1. Restart the computer and immediately hit F8.
  2. Select Safe Mode with Networking.
  3. Download and install the program.
  4. If you use Windows XP, before downloading SpyHunter, find RUN in the Start menu and then type “msconfig” in the Open box.
  5. Disable all startup entries under the Startup tab and press OK.
  6. Download the tool, restart the computer in Normal mode and install the program.

In non-techie terms:

Northern Constabulary E-Crime Unit virus is a cunning computer infection that will not allow you to use the computer in order to prompt you pay the ransom money, which you should not do, because it is enough to remove the virus. The virus contains the credential of Northern Clonstabulary to scare you into believing that the police are carrying out the investigation, which is not true; hence, get rid of the virus as soon as you can to restore the computer’s settings.

Aliases: E-Crime Unit virus.