myTV Search Plus Extension Removal Guide

Do you know what the myTV Search Plus extension is?

The myTV Search Plus extension is an application for the Chrome browser. As the name of the extension suggests, this search tool should offer quick access to TV channels, but in practice it offers access to online games. The myTV Search Plus extension is considered a potentially unwanted program (PUP) and, hence, it is advisable to remove it from the browser.

The myTV Search Plus extension can get on the computer in a few ways. The extension is promoted on, which contains a variety of online tools, such as calculator and currency convertor, and some browser extensions for the Chrome browser. The PUP is also present on the famous Chrome Web Store. Additionally, it is possible to get a PUP program installed without much interference, because browser extensions are very often bundled with freeware, so, if you do not remember installing myTV Search Plus, it is very likely that you have installed it inadvertently when running the installer of a different program. You should remove the myTV Search Plus extension once you find it on the browser, and here are the reason why you should not hesitate to remove it.

The myTV Search Plus extension makes unauthorized changes on the browser and gets a permission to read the user’s data on different websites. By agreeing to have the myTV Search Plus extension installed, even if it is done unknowingly, the user agrees to have the default search replaced with and Yahoo. More specifically, every time a search term is entered into the browser’s URL box, the search term is redirected to and then relevant search results are retrieved from Yahoo. Redirections to other services have also been observed, so do not get surprised if your search term is redirected through or Many users may fail to notice this, because the URL of the additional service used by myTV Search Plus flashes for a second or two.

By redirecting your search terms to another service, the team behind myTV Search Plus may gather information about your preferences. Moreover, browser extensions are usually programmed to collect information on what preferences the user makes, including settings, search terms, clicks, and other details.myTV Search Plus Extension Removal GuidemyTV Search Plus Extension screenshot
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The search results delivered to the screen are likely to contain quite a few paid advertisements, some of which may not have anything in common with your search query. Paid links should be ignored because they are displayed to generate more traffic. Websites pay for being promoted when a searcher looks up specific keywords, and the content offered by those questionable websites is not necessarily related to the keyword used. In order to prevent unsolicited landing on questionable websites, remove the myTV Search Plus extension straight away and make sure that no PUP ever gets access to your PC.

To ensure that your operating system is malware attack-proof, implement a reputable security tool which is powerful to fight off malware of different types. The myTV Search Plus extension is not a computer infection, and it does not seek to corrupt your data. But there are multiple other malicious programs that are programmed to bring their payload to your PC and cause damage, which sometimes may be irreversible.

When it comes to the removal of myTV Search Plus, you can try removing it manually or have it removed for you by anti-malware. Below you will find a removal guide to ease the whole removal procedure. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below. Having removed the unwanted extension, consider installing a security tool.

How to remove myTV Search Plus

  1. Follow the folder pathways given below and delete the folders in bold:
    • %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\kjnnjgmdonkcbmgapnjjpnfdkbelmepj
    • %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Extensions\kjnnjgmdonkcbmgapnjjpnfdkbelmepj
  2. Access the following directories and modify the files Preferences, Secure Preferences, and Web Data by replacing the unwanted URL with a preferred one:
    • %LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default
    • %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

In non-techie terms:

The myTV Search Plus extension is a potentially unwanted program that changes the settings of the browser and accesses all user data on different websites. The extension is compatible with the Chrome browser and is also promoted on the Chrome Web Store as a useful tool. It is advisable to remove this PUP and shield the system against similar programs, which are very often installed surreptitiously.