MSIL/Spy.Agent.BP Removal Guide

Do you know what MSIL/Spy.Agent.BP is?

MSIL/Spy.Agent.BP is a Trojan infection that is directly related to another Trojan called MSIL/Agent.KX. It does not refer to one specific Trojan. There are many keylogger Trojan infections out there that can be detected as MSIL/Spy.Agent.BP by your antivirus program. The problem arises when you have no idea that this Trojan is on your computer. If you do not remove MSIL/Spy.Agent.BP on time, this infection can collect and upload your sensitive information to a remote command and control center. Depending on what other malicious infections it is related to, MSIL/Spy.Agent.BP can cause a lot of harm.

There are many ways to get infected with MSIL/Spy.Agent.BP as it utilizes multiple distribution methods. For example, the Trojan’s setup file can be hidden in spam email attachments, torrent files or files you have downloaded accidentally via drive-by download. Most of the time, users do not understand that they install something malicious on their computers because Trojans often pretend something they are not. Not to mention that they keep a low profile and work in the background of your system. It makes it even harder to notice that there is something wrong.

When MSIL/Spy.Agent.BP enters your computer, in order to be executed each time you turn on your PC; this Trojan sets a new entry in the Windows registry. It also drops several files in %APPDATA% directory. MSIL/Spy.Agent.BP is not a stand-alone infection, and it means that it is closely related to other computer threats. After all, it contains the program code for MSIL/Agent.KX malware. As mentioned above, MSIL/Spy.Agent.BP connects to a remote server behind your back in order to download configuration data and install more malware on your PC.

While it is hard to notice that you are infected with MSIL/Spy.Agent.BP at first, this Trojan creates and runs its own program code within such processes AppLaunch.exe or vbc.exe. Hence, if you notice these processes via Windows Task Manager that is the first sign that something is completely off. If left to its own devices, MSIL/Spy.Agent.BP can obviously download files from a remote computer and run these executable files. It may also display a dialog window that may contain some false information.

As a keylogger Trojan, MSIL/Spy.Agent.BP can collect all the data that you enter over the course of a few days. If you visit your banking sites while you are infected with this Trojan, it is very likely that MSIL/Spy.Agent.BP can collect your bank logins and passwords and then transfer the collected information to the hacker behind this infection.

Needless to say, you have to remove MSIL/Spy.Agent.BP from your computer, but it might be too hard of a task if you were to try and deal with it on your own. Manual removal should be attempted ONLY if you are a computer security expert. Otherwise, invest in a legitimate antimalware program and remove MSIL/Spy.Agent.BP automatically. With a computer security tool, you will be able to terminate all the other potential infections at the same time.

In non-techie terms:

MSIL/Spy.Agent.BP is a dangerous computer threat that enters your system surreptitiously. This Trojan must be removed as soon as possible. The best way to ensure your computer’s safety is to invest in a reliable antimalware application. For any further questions, please leave us a comment in the box below this description.