MS Removal Tool Removal Guide

Do you know what MS Removal Tool is?

The end of March brings another hot rogue software application into the scene. MS Removal Tool is good at posing as a real security program, but this is exactly what it is made for. As a rogue antispyware, this program enters your computer with a pretense to cleanse it from various threats, but it is nothing but a threat itself. MS Removal Tool is a clone of the notorious System Tool and Security Tool. The connection between these rogues is obvious, because they share almost identical interface layout.

MS Removal Tool is very active in showing off its abilities to “protect” your system. When it is entrenched in your computer, the rogue will perform a fake system scan, finding numerous threats, such as Trojans and worms. It is easy to believe the scan results are real, because the rogue actually uses the names of real threats. For example, Trojan.Win32.Agent.ado is a malicious bot, released more than 3 years ago. Along with this threat, MS Removal Tool also “finds” 38 infections, and you are prompted to remove them by getting full real-time protection.

This rogue also changes your desktop wallpaper into a blue background with a warning message splayed out widely across your screen. The message informs you that every single action you make with your computer is logged and watched by malicious spyware which you need to remove immediately. And naturally, you need to use MS Removal Tool to do that.

If you were to follow the rogue’s orders, getting a full “protection” would require revealing your personal information, such as your credit card number. But with you credit card number leaked, the third parties will be able to use your data, and your bank account will be exposed to perpetual threat. This is the reason why you must destroy MS Removal Tool before it managed to cause any harm to you. This rogue will also try to remain in your computer for as long as possible by blocking your internet connection, because without internet access you will not be able to search for a good malware removal tool. In order to get your internet back, follow the instructions below.

The main point is that MS Removal Tool is a malicious application which should never be trusted lest you lost your money. You need to erase MS Removal Tool before it caused any serious damage. The make the removal of the rogue easier, you need to “register” the program. Do that by using one of the following codes:


In non techie terms:

MS Removal Tool is a rogue antispyware, built to look like a genuine security program. Despite its beautiful promises it does not have an ability to protect your system from numerous threats. This rogue only wants to rob you, and therefore you need to destroy MS Removal Tool as soon as possible.

Aliases: MSRemovalTool.