MoviesNow Search Removal Guide

Do you know what MoviesNow Search is?

MoviesNow Search is a Google Chrome browser extension available for download at and the official Chrome Web Store. It is advertised as useful software that changes default search so that it could provide users with movie results on their address bars. There are 98 837 users who have already installed this piece of software from the Chrome Web Store, but there are definitely more users whose browsers have been affected by it. If you are one of them, you should remove this extension as soon as possible. No, it is not a harmful malicious application, but we would lie if we told you that it can be trusted fully. Our team of researchers says that MoviesNow Search has several drawbacks, which is why they have decided to place it under the potentially unwanted software category. We know that it looks completely harmless, but it is not as useful as it claims to be and, on top of that, it applies changes many users find undesirable. If you need more information about it so that you could decide what to do with it, you should read this entire report. In case you make a decision to get rid of it, read the last paragraph carefully – we are sure you will find some useful information regarding the removal of this potentially unwanted program there.

Even though MoviesNow Search is just a tiny browser extension, it changes Google Chrome settings once it is installed. To be more specific, it changes a default search provider to, meaning that all users’ searches go through this domain if they perform web searches by typing their search queries in URL bars of web browsers they use. If you install this potentially unwanted program, you will also see a button next to the URL bar. It will open a small window that will allow you to search for movies. All search queries inserted in the search box located on this pop-up window are redirected to Some users find MoviesNow Search quite useful, but our specialists have a different opinion about it. They do not recommend performing web searches via the URL bar if MoviesNow Search is active on the system because search results returned might be modified. These modified search results are not malicious, but they might take users to dubious websites when they click on them. The only way to make sure that they do not reach you is to disable MoviesNow Search. It is not the only reason why you should do that. Researchers say that certain non-personally identifiable details will be automatically recorded about all users who keep MoviesNow Search active and use the search tool it promotes. If you do not want a single detail about your activities, interests, and habits to appear in the hands of third parties, we suggest that you remove this suspicious browser extension today.MoviesNow Search Removal GuideMoviesNow Search screenshot
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Some users download MoviesNow Search consciously from or, but, of course, not all people can explain how and when this piece of software has affected their Google Chrome browsers, which suggests that this extension might be distributed using alternative distribution methods too. For example, it might be spread as one of the components of the software bundle. Also, it might be promoted via pop-ups. In most cases, they are displayed to users when they open dubious websites, but, in some cases, the appearance of pop-ups promoting suspicious software might be the first sign that there is an ad-supported program active on the system. If it turns out to be true, remove it from your system together with MoviesNow Search as soon as possible.

Potentially unwanted programs are not sophisticated malicious applications, so users usually find their removal quite easy. It should not be hard to delete MoviesNow Search too because you only need to delete the add-on from your Google Chrome browser through the so-called add-ons manager. If you have never done that before and do not know what your next move should be, use our removal guide provided below this article. With its help, you will remove the undesirable browser extension from your web browser in no time.

Delete MoviesNow Search

Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Press Alt+F.
  3. Click More tools.
  4. Select Extensions.
  5. Select MoviesNow Search and click the trash button.

In non-techie terms:

MoviesNow Search claims to be a useful piece of software that can make it easier for users to find movies. At first glance, it might seem to b quite useful, but it is not a piece of software that can be fully trusted, research conducted by our experienced specialists has shown. It has several drawbacks that make it a typical potentially unwanted program. For example, it might be the reason why you see some modified search results when you enter a search query in the URL bar of your browser. Also, it has turned out that it might record certain details about users. Last but not least, it might affect users’ web browsers without their knowledge, which immediately shows that MoviesNow Search is not fully reliable.