MovieFlex Removal Guide

Do you know what MovieFlex is?

MovieFlex is a browser extension for Internet users who are interested in movies, their reviews, movie-related news, trailers, and other related content. The extension is compatible with the Chrome browser and has its official website, which, at the moment of writing, is not accessible for some unknown reasons. Nevertheless, MovieFlex accessible to everyone on the Chrome Web Store, which is not the only source of this browser application. MovieFlex could be bundled with other programs and installed unnoticed, which only means that you should be very vigilant when choosing and installing software. The browser extension MovieFlex is categorized as a potentially unwanted program (PUP), and, hence, is removed from the computer by our recommended anti-malware.

Potentially unwanted programs are programs that seem to be reliable and safe to use, but in reality make some undesirable changes within the system. Such programs are usually spread by dubious websites offering visitors bundled files. Very often when a bundled setup file is launched, the user is not overtly provided with the fact that some additional program is going to be installed. Such information might be purposely placed somewhere in the text, because software developers are familiar with the tendency of not reading the terms provided by software installers.

However, the fact that MovieFlex can access the computer as part of a bundle is not the only reason why you should take action to remove it from the computer. MovieFlex might seem to be a user-friendly program because of the movie-related toolbar it adds to the browser. The toolbar features links to Facebook, IMDB search, and a few other websites. Yet MovieFlex is programmed to make some web browsing-related changes so that its toolbar and search box power by the Yahoo search is always at your reach.

The Yahoo search engine is a search provider used worldwide, and you are free to use it as your default search engine. Unfortunately, MovieFlex might employ this search engine to provide you with links to questionable websites. Before being provided with relevant search results, you are likely to be redirected through some additional server recording your search terms, and collecting information about your interests in this way. The search results you are provided by MovieFlex might be modified; more specifically, they may contain more paid links than you would be normally provided with.MovieFlex Removal GuideMovieFlex screenshot
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MovieFlex, as well as many other similar programs falling into the PUP category, collect information about the user's interaction with the program and the service offered. That usually means that the program records search terms, websites accessed, time spent on different websites, clicks on the toolbar, and some technical details that are regarded as non-personally identifiable. Such information could be use for marketing purposes or for the improvement of the service. But it is more likely that the information gather will be shared with affiliated third parties interested in browsing patterns and online behavior. As a result, some targeted advertisements could be brought to the browser.

Even though MovieFlex is not a computer infection, it would be much safer to browse the Internet without it. All that you should do is remove it from the computer and make sure that no other questionable programs ever access your PC. Since this requires a lot of attention, which includes careful selection of software sources and software itself, it is highly advisable to have anti-malware running on the PC day and night.

Anti-malware is highly necessary because unprotected systems can be easily compromised by different online threats. Some are aimed only at monitoring browsing behavior, whereas others are aimed at obtaining personally identifiable information or permanently damaging your files. If you do not want to have more serious security issues, implement anti-malware so that you can have MovieFlex removed and the system shielded from malware.

How to remove MovieFlex manually

  1. Click the menu button in the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. Select the option More tools and click Extensions.
  3. Remove the unwanted extension.

In non-techie terms:

MovieFlex is a browser extension that adds a browser toolbar containing links to websites providing access to reviews, trailers, and other related information. The extension changes the default search provider to Yahoo and may collect some non-personally identifiable information. In order to restore your former settings, remove MovieFlex from the browser and pay more attention to the features of unknown programs to prevent undesirable consequences.