MnuBot RAT Removal Guide

Do you know what MnuBot RAT is?

Specialists have found a new Trojan MnuBot RAT in the wild recently. Thorough research has shown that it is actively distributed in Brazil, but, unfortunately, it does not mean that this knowledge helps users to prevent it from entering their computers. Just like other Trojan infections, it performs its malicious activities in the background and tries to evade detection. For example, it uses Microsoft SQL Server for communication with its C&C server in order not to get caught and removed from the system by the user. Therefore, it is not surprising at all that it takes some time for users to find out about the successful entrance of this malicious application. Do you suspect that MnuBot RAT may be installed on your computer too? Scan your system with an antimalware scanner right away or check %PUBLIC% and %APPDATA% directories – the Trojan infection drops .exe and .txt files to these directories. If it turns out that MnuBot RAT is installed and actively working on your computer, you must delete it right away because its presence might bring you a ton of problems. We will tell you how it works in the next paragraph.

MnuBot RAT is written in the programming language called Delphi. It has been developed to perform a two-stage attack. First of all, it searches for a file called Desk.txt in the %APPDATA% folder. If the file is not found, a new Desktop is created – it works side by side with the original Desktop. Without a doubt, users’ workspace is switched to Desktop created by Trojan. MnuBot RAT has been originally developed to steal banking information, so it monitors window names expecting to find bank names. When the name similar to the bank name available in its configuration is found, it queries the server for the second stage executable. It provides the hacker with full control over the affected machine. MnuBot RAT focuses on stealing private information, but it might perform some other malicious activities on users’ computers too. For example, it might take screenshots of the web browser used and Desktop. Most probably, it does that to steal sensitive information. As our team of experienced malware researchers has observed, it also logs keystrokes for the same reason. Third, it can restart the affected computer whenever it wants to. Last but not least, specialists say that this infection might also be able to delete selected software from the computer it runs on. There is probably no need to say that MnuBot RAT is extremely sophisticated malware that needs to be removed ASAP.

The exact distribution method of MnuBot RAT is unknown, but users who do not want to encounter this nasty infection should become more careful. What we have in mind by saying so is that users should stop downloading software from random websites. It should be emphasized that P2P websites might contain untrustworthy applications too, so make sure you click the Download button on the website that can be fully trusted. Last but not least, you should not click on suspicious advertisements and/or links because you might download malware with the click of a button. We know how hard it can be to prevent malicious software from entering the system, so we recommend that you install a reputable security application on your computer. As long as you keep it installed, malicious software will not have a chance to bother you since it could not enter your system.

MnuBot RAT must be removed ASAP because the longer you keep it active on your system, the higher the possibility that it will steal sensitive information from your computer. Our specialists could not find a working sample of this Trojan infection, so they have no information about its dropper. Because of this, we highly recommend that you perform an in-depth system scan with a trustworthy antimalware scanner after you delete malicious components listed in our manual removal guide – you can find it below this article.

How to delete MnuBot RAT

  1. Open Explorer.
  2. Delete Neon.exe from %PUBLIC%.
  3. Access %APPDATA%.
  4. Delete Desk.txt.
  5. Scan your system with an antimalware scanner.

In non-techie terms:

MnuBot RAT is a harmful infection that has been designed to steal sensitive information from users’ computers. It is sophisticated malware that works in the background, so it usually manages to steal a bunch of personal details before it is detected and removed by the user. Anyone who encounters MnuBot RAT must delete it as soon as possible. It is advisable to remove this infection using an antimalware scanner because it is very important to erase ALL components it has so that it could not start working again.