MASetupCleaner.exe Removal Guide

Do you know what MASetupCleaner.exe is?

MASetupCleaner.exe is a process file that is created by Samsung Kies app installer. It may also be related to Samsung Pebble application, so it means that if you install several Samsung apps that employ this file, MASetupCleaner.exe will arrive at your computer. Technically, this file is not malicious, and users install the aforementioned apps themselves. Nevertheless, computer security specialists advise to remove MASetupCleaner.exe from your computer if you do not remember having installed any Samsung app recently, and this file is present on your system.

If you use a firewall, you will most probably be prompted about MASetupCleaner.exe because this process is created to connect to the Internet. Some users think that it connects to the Internet behind their backs, but you have to remember that almost all actions have consequences, and MASetupCleaner.exe is programmed to connect to the Internet on a regular basis. In other words, if you install Samsung Kies or any other similar application on your PC, be prepared to encounter a process like MASetupCleaner.exe that connects to a remote server all the time.

MASetupCleaner.exe can be found at C:\Windows\SysWOW64\MASetupClearner.exe or C:\WindowsSystem32\MASetupCleaner.exe. Take note that if you delete a file from any of these directories, chances are that the program that uses MASetupCleaner.exe will no longer function correctly. Here you encounter a dilemma – if you want to keep using the program you have installed, you need to keep MASetupCleaner.exe on your PC, but if you do not trust this process, you have to remove Samsung Kies as well.

Our research lab team says that MASetupCleaner.exe is a legitimate file, and there is nothing dangerous about it. It means that even if you get spooked by firewall notifications about Internet connection, you can keep MASetupCleaner.exe on your PC.

However, in some cases Samsung Kies might come from third-party websites as well. Then you should seriously consider scanning your PC with a reliable antimalware tool. Downloading programs from third-party websites often results in adware installation, so if you want to install Samsung Kies application on your PC, be sure you download it at the official vendor website.

If you run a full system scan and any unwanted programs are detected, you simply need to open your Control Panel and terminate all the potentially dangerous applications. If you do not want to have MASetupCleaner.exe on your system, you can remove Samsung Pebble and Samsung Kies as well. However, the best way to protect your PC from potential harm is to avoid visiting unfamiliar websites and invest in a powerful computer security tool.

In non-techie terms:

MASetupCleaner.exe is a file that enters your computer when you install Samsung Kies application. You can remove the application manually via Control Panel or follow the thorough removal instructions below this article.

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