Malware Bell Calls PCTools Malware and Adware

We have discovered that the Malware Bell rogue anti-spyware program is classifying PCTools as malware and adware. Through our in-depth research we notice that Malware Bell may prompt users with a warning that states PCTools is Malware and a variant of the Trojan.Win32.SystemCrash infection.

PCTools is known to the internet world as a company the makes security and registry software. Whoever developed the Malware Bell program needs to get the facts straight if they plan on tricking computer users into purchasing the Malware Bell program. It seems the hackers are slipping up on their rogue programs. The image below is a screen shot of this major goof-up where Malware Bell attempts to "scare" computer users.

The Trojan.Win32.SystemCrash infection is actually a valid infection confirmed by many security information sources online. None of the online sources say anything about PCTools being malware or Trojan.Win32.SystemCrash being related to PCTools. How can PCTools be a malware infection if it is not even a program or file? Malware Bell and the makers of Malware Bell need to get their list of parasite warnings in order or computer users will not give a second thought to purchasing the worthless Malware Bell program.

In our one of our recent removal guides demonstrating how to remove Malware Bell we mentioned that the payment processing domain was registered to a bogus name. It seems that Malware Bell and the website are flawed to the point that they do not put up a valid argument for being a worthwhile malware or spyware removal tool. Malware Bell is a complete waste of time and money and should be marked down in history as a total screw-up by the hackers that created it.

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  • MrBlair78

    HAHAHA!! I guees the hackers really didnt care. they did not care of the long term but just a quick buck. And I guees for a little excitement they wanted to drag a decent company's name through the mudd? Who knows the motive of that one? Maybey there was a suite against them from pc tools from hacking there software? or maybey they where just stoned stupied? whatever the take they had? they should not have tried to pick on pc tools they where a good company and its a shame the norton morons bought them out.

    I really like pc tools software and its a shame if symantec messes them up I hope Symantec just paid for there knowledge as we all know they do need help. A well for the most part symantec has been decent on antivirus but its like they want to control your cpu like a ss officer.