Mal/Generic-L Removal Guide

Do you know what Mal/Generic-L is?

Mal/Generic-L is a generic detection for different types of malware. The term is used as an umbrella term for Trojans, worms, keyloggers, scareware and other computer infections. Mal/Generic-L can is also known as Trojan.Mebroot, Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Agent.czac, and TR/PWS.Sinowal.Gen. If your security tool has detected Mal/Generic-L, it does not mean that it is capable of removing the threat. In such a case, instead of an anti-virus program, use a spyware removal tool that can remove different types of spyware.

Mal/Generic-L is associated with a large number of threats, all of which access the system without the user’s approval or via drive-by downloads. For example, the threat that is labeled as Mal/Generic-L may record inputs, use the targeted machine for spamming, or communicate with other computer system via the Internet. The threat may also alter the system settings in order to prevent security alerts from Windows Firewall. Moreover, if your computer is infected by Mal/Generic-L, you may not suspect that your browsing sessions are being monitored in order to provide you with personalized advertisements that are related to your earlier search queries. This may be performed by IE_BHO_Helper.exe, which is associated with Mal/Generic-L.

If you do not want to risk losing your sensitive information, which may stolen while typing passwords or making online payments, first you should make sure that your computer is fully protected. Another preventative measure against computer infections is avoiding websites that offers various free programs as a bundled download may cause the installation of malware.

In case you are already found that Mal/Generic-L is present within the system, which can be indicated by winpro.exe, build.exe, svcnost.exe, and many other malicious threats, but do not know how to remove it, install SpyHunter, which will remove Mal/Generic-L and maintain the security of the PC.

In non-techie terms:

Mal/Generic-L is a computer threat that can infect your computer in different ways, and which you should remove from the PC once you realize that it is present. The term Mal/Generic-L is used to refer to different types of spyware or malware, which means that the consequences of the infection of the computer depend on the complexity of the threat. Use our recommended spyware removal tool if you want to get rid of the threat as not all security tools are capable of spyware removal.

Aliases: Malware Generic.