Major Defense Kit Removal Guide

Do you know what Major Defense Kit is?

Major Defense Kit is a rogue anti-spyware application that is known to make use of aggressive and obtrusive tactics in order to achieve its goal of extortion. Just like all the thousands of rogue applications out there, Major Defense Kit too is on the hunt for the unsuspecting individual that will fall prey to its techniques of persuasion and coercion… by duping these users into thinking their computer system has been infected by numerous PC threats – and only said program is claimed to be able to ward off these dubious files and programs! Once installed, Major Defense Kit tends to employ these fake warning notifications in an attempt to notify the system user of these alleged spyware parasite infections. Don’t for one second forget that these messages are bogus and only used for the purpose of extortion. You should rather remove Major Defense Kit asap!

In non-techie terms:

Major Defense Kit is not effective in its claimed task of detecting and removing computer security programs, therefore if present within a computer system, the removal of Major Defense Kit and all its affiliated components should be a priority.

Aliases: MajorDefenseKit, MajorDefense Kit, Major DefenseKit.