Danger: Macs Now Infected With Rogue Anti-Spyware

Macintosh computers are vulnerable to Spyware Infections.

Recently it was discovered that rogue anti-spyware programs are affecting Macintosh computers. This comes as no surprise due to the number of codec downloads available for the Mac operating system. Trojans are known as parasites that are usually downloaded through a codec and prompt users to install rogue anti-spyware software. Zlob.Trojan is one of the recent groups of infections known to hit the Macintosh family of computers through the download of a codec.

Our recent post of the OSX.RSPlug.A Removal Guide is an example of a recent infection to affect the Mac system. In the removal guide article for OSX.RSPlug.A it states that this is only one variant of the Zlob.Trojan infection to afflict Mac systems. It is evident that Mac computers have now joined the list of vulnerable systems just like Windows based systems.

Mac Tip: New discoveries of Trojans and spyware infections on Mac computers are just now being researched. Currently the removal of parasites from Mac computers is something fairly new. The manual removal process as listed in our OSX.RSPlug.A Removal Guide does not guarantee complete removal of a Trojan infection. You may follow the guide if you have an infected Macintosh computer. If you want to contribute to the removal guide, post your comment below.

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