Losers Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what the Loser ransomware is?

Finding that the computer is infected might be frustrating because the data gets locked. The Losers ransomware is one of those threats fails to take files for hostage though it is aimed at swindling computer users out of their money. The infection would demand for a ransom of $500 in Bitcoin, which is a crypto currency widely use by ransomware developers. At the moment of writing, the server communicating with the infection is known to be shut down, and the infection seems to be no longer active. Nevertheless, if your machine is affected by this malicious software, you should take immediate action to remove it from the computer. Malware installation on your PC suggests that your computer is accessible to various threats, so consider using a reputable malware and spyware removal tool. Interested users are encouraged to continue reading this brief report on the Loser ransomware.

Malware is very often grouped according to their coding and shared features. The Losers threat is classified as a threat belonging to a group that includes Cry9, Cry123, Dharma, and some other ransomware threats have successfully locked numerous computers.

The Loser infection is programmed to encode files by using the AES encryption algorithm, which is one of the most popular data coding systems in ransomware. Upon installation, the Loser ransomware should encrypt numerous files and end the extension .losers; however, it is known that the infection would fail to do so. That means that data remains intact, so there would be no reason to consider making a payment of $500. On the whole, paying up is highly inadvisable because ransomware creators do not tend to provide their victims with decryption keys or decryption tools. So far cyber criminals have earned substantial profits just because inexperienced users were tricked into thinking that by paying the release fee they will regain access to their files. The Loser ransomware is just another profit-oriented threat that should be removed once spotted on the computer.

There is no reason for keeping the threat which creates its point of execution in the Windows registry and creates a copy of itself in the %ALLUSERSPROFILE% directory. The executable is known to be spread via the freeware software Burn4Free, which is a DVD burning program. Malware distributors sneakily bundle software with computer infections, and sometimes it is not enough to skim through the text displayed because it would not contain information about computer infections. Malware is distributed stealthily so nobody and nothing can cut into the payload. In such cases, a security tool comes into handy because malicious setup files are scanned for threats so that you can prevent adverse consequences.

Software bundles are not the only means of malware distribution. Ransomware, as well as other infections, spread via email. Moreover, poor passwords of Remote Desktop Service might also be exploited by malware, which was the case with the LowLevel04 ransomware, which is known to have demanded for $1000. Malware may also arrive at a compute through a file hosting service, such as Dropbox, after the machine is infected with malware that prompts the user to download some files from the server. Cyber crooks come up with numerous plots, and you should beware of the danger on the Internet, which is why now it is important to remove the Losers ransomware and secure the OS against thousands of other threats.

It is possible to remove the Loser ransomware manually, which includes deleting a malicious registry value and the executable of the infection. Our removal guide should help you access the two directories in which the harmful components of the infection are based. If you have any questions, comment below so that our team can help you with the removal. After eliminating the infection from the PC, consider scanning the system to make sure that no other security-related actions are necessary.

Remove the Losers ransomware

  1. Access the directory %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\TMP and delete a file named randomly (9 characters).
  2. Press Win+R and type in regedit.
  3. Follow the path HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run and delete the value system from the right pane.

In non-techie terms:

The Losers ransomware is a computer infection that fails to encrypt files but demands a hefty release fee. The infection should be removed from the computer once it is noticed. It is crucial to ignore the demands provided in the ransom note, according to which a ransom of 500 USD must be paid. Instead of following the instructions given by the attackers, eliminate the infection and shield the system against ransomware and other threats.