Locker Virus Removal Guide

Do you know what Locker Virus is?

Locker Virus is a malicious computer infection classified as ransomware. The program does not allow you to operate your computer the way you are used to because it denies access to your files. You must remove Locker Virus from your computer, and there can be no compromise about it. Ransomware is not your average adware that can be ignored for a time being. You have to take care of this program immediately using a legitimate computer security program because manual removal is not recommended unless you are an experienced computer user. You can also check out the additional removal instructions below this article.

Our research lab team says that Locker Virus is very similar to CryptoLocker ransomware. This suggests that the infection was created by the same cyber criminals in order to make a financial profit. Locker Virus pushes users into paying a ransom fee, claiming that this is the only way to restore your files. The infection displays the following message on your screen:

All your personal files on this computer are locked and encrypted by Locker v1.7. The encrypting has been done by professional software and your files such as; photo’s, video’s and cryptocurrency wallets are not damaged but just not readable for now. You can find the complete list with all your encrypted files in the files tab.

The notification on your screen has several sections. Information, Payment, Files, and Status. If you click the Payment tab, you will be given a list of websites where you can purchase bitcoins. Locker Virus requires you to pay the ransom fee in bitcoins, and you need to click the payment address on the notification that has been generated especially for you. Once you transfer the payment, Locker Virus should issue a decryption key. However, we would strongly suggest against giving your money away to the cyber criminals.Locker Virus Removal GuideLocker Virus screenshot
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You should look for an online decryption tool that would help you restore your file access. Also, your main task right now is to delete Locker Virus from your computer. We would like to point out that Locker Virus usually comes through spam email attachments and pop-up ads that are shown on adware-related websites. This implies that there might be more dangerous infections on your computer, and you most certainly have to remove them all as well.

In order to find out which files and programs you need to delete right now, you should run a full system scan with the SpyHunter free scanner. Sometimes adware programs can be removed manually via Control Panel, but that definitely does not apply to Locker Virus.

Removing the ransomware program’s executable files will not decrypt your documents. Therefore, you have to take preemptive measures way before you get infected with Locker Virus. It is not just about this ransomware program. All users should do that to ensure that their files are protected. And by “that” we mean backing them up on a virtual cloud drive or an external hard disk.

Here you will find instructions on how to launch a computer security program in case Locker Virus blocks executable files. The instructions are for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Other operating systems are covered in the instructions below this article.

Windows 8 & Windows 8.1

  1. Press the Windows key and open the Metro UI Start screen.
  2. Click the Power Options button.
  3. Hold the Shift key and press Restart.
  4. Open the Troubleshoot menu and select Advanced options.
  5. Go to Startup Settings and click Restart.
  6. Press the F5 button to restart the PC in Safe Mode with Networking.
  7. Go to .
  8. Install SpyHunter and scan your computer.

In non-techie terms:

Locker Virus is an annoying infection that does not allow you to access your files. The program promises to give you a decryption key when you pay a designated sum of money. However, you should keep your money to yourself because paying Locker Virus would do no good. Acquire a licensed antispyware application to remove Locker Virus once and for all, and protect your PC from harm.