Laziok Removal Guide

Do you know what Laziok is?

Our researchers have determined that Laziok is a Trojan that has been designed to steal information from infected computers. So, if your PC has been infected with this Trojan, you should remove it immediately. Even though this infection is known to infect computers of companies related to the energy sector and steal information of interest, it still randomly infects all computers in an attempt to identify those with desirable information.

This infection has been operating since January 2015. It has been observed that the infections were concentrated around the Middle East. However, the infection itself comes from servers located in the UK, US, and Bulgaria. The infection is distributed via spam emails that come from that is used as an open relay Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP.) The email contains malicious attachments bundled with the Microsoft Windows Common Controls ActiveX Control Remote Execution Vulnerability exploit. If the user opens an email attachment that is usually a excel file, then the exploit code will be executed.

Countries that have been infected include: The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Kuwait, and so on. As mentioned, the companies located in these countries are usually related to the energy sector, more specifically with the oil and gas industries. Nevertheless, there have been reports of this infection being distributed in the US and the UK as well. So, it is possible to get infected with Laziok no matter where you are. So, we recommend that you get a reliable malware scanner that could remove this infection.

After infection, Laziok swings into action and starts collecting information about the computer. It gathers info about a computer’s GPU, CPU, RAM size, Hard disk size, software, antimalware program, and so on. If the infection does not find anything of interest, it stops workings. But, if it finds what it is looking for, which in this case is information regarding the oil and gas industries, it will install additional malware called Cyberrat and Zbot. Therefore users should remove Laziok in order to prevent additional malware from compromising the security of their computers.

Our research has concluded that Laziok is a dangerous infection that you should remove, because it could steal any kind of information regardless whether it is related to the energy sector or not, because it can be reprogrammed very easily. At any rate, manual removal in not an option, so we recommend you to get a anti-malware scanner such as SpyHunter, which would remove Laziok altogether.

In non-techie terms:

Laziok is a dangerous Trojan that could infect your computer via spam mail. It is used by some shady entities to steal information regarding the energy sector such as the oil and gas industries. Nevertheless, ordinary users might also get infected with malware, which could severely jeopardize the security of their computers. Therefore, we recommend that users remove this infection by using an anti-malware scanner ASAP.