Kronos Removal Guide

Do you know what Kronos is?

Kronos is a serious infection that might enter your computer without your permission. Unfortunately, you might not detect it for a long time because it uses a unique technique to hide itself. The security experts of have carried out a research and found out that Kronos is a mixture of Trojan and Rootkit; thus, it is not surprising that it is impossible to detect it easily. This infection acts very similarly as Gameover (Zeus), which is another serious banking Trojan. It means that it will also steal some of the personal information, for instance, log-in credentials and financial information as well as use it for unfair purposes. As you can see, it is rather dangerous to keep this program on the system, which is why we recommend that you remove Kronos as soon as possible. The deletion of this Trojan might be rather challenging, which is why we recommend that you continue reading the article.

Security experts have detected Kronos because they have come across an advertisement offering to buy it for $7000 on the Russian forum. One of the main reasons why the price is so high is the fact it is not easy to detect it. Actually, it might be even true that this infection is capable of bypassing some antivirus protection. What is more, it seems that Kronos is using HTML content injection techniques, which means that it can steal data very quickly. You should be especially cautious if you are using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers because it is mainly interested in the data that users enter using the aforementioned browsers. The specialists of have found out that all the collected data will be sent to C&C server. As you can see, it is very important to delete Kronos from the system as soon as possible because it might do much harm to you.

It seems that Kronos might spread through drive-by downloads and phishing schemes mainly; thus, you should be extremely cautious. By saying this, we mean that it is very important to install an antimalware tool on the system ant keep it enabled. Make sure that the security tool, which you are going to install on the system, is completely reliable because those unreliable ones might attract other serious infections onto your computer.

The manual detection and removal of Kronos might be extremely difficult for ordinary computer users, which is why we do not recommend erasing this Trojan yourself. The easiest way to eliminate this infection is to scan the system with an antimalware tool, for instance, SpyHunter. This tool will remove it without any difficulties and even protect your system from much more serious infections that might be published in the future.

In non-techie terms:

Cyber criminals publish different kinds of undesirable programs every day; thus, it is very important to keep the system protected. You should also always remember that it is not advisable to open spam emails from unknown senders and download software from doubtful sources. If you follow our advice, you will definitely reduce the possibility to end up with an infection similar to Kronos.