KorAd Removal Guide

Do you know what KorAd is?

KorAd is a unique because it does not include one program, but several programs. It is an umbrella term for a series of shady applications that display advertisements. Therefore, it can be said that KorAd programs are just adware-type applications that you ought to remove from your PC as soon as possible. We want to inform you that the content promoted by these applications may be intrusive and even dangerous as they can open the floodgates for more malware to enter your computer. System security is of utmost importance, and you should not neglect it by allowing KorAd’s programs to remain on your computer. A frequently updated antimalware program can ensure your computer’s safety and stop malicious applications dead in their tracks. In this article, we are going to provide you with as much information about adware family as possible, so if you are interested, please continue reading.

Let us begin with the distribution methods used to spread the ad-supported software from this family. One application is featured on a website called Ancamera.co.kr. It seems to be some kind of screen capturing software. However, it has a browser implemented in it which is used to display ads. Another program that comes from this family of adware is called KeywordMap, and we have found that its download is hosted at Keywordmap.co.kr. It features a standalone installer that does not contain additional software. Note that the installer does not allow you to choose the installation directory which is an indication that this program is not entirely legitimate. Testing has shown that it is installed in %APPDATA%\KeywordMap and creates registry keys in HKLM|HKCU\SOFTWARE\KeywordMap (on 32-bit versions of Windows) or HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\KeywordMap (on 64-bit versions of Windows.)

Furthermore, you might get KorAd adware on various shady freeware distributing websites that have been tailored for Korean-speaking users, because the websites are exclusively in the Korean language. Nevertheless, that does not limit the developers to the Koran market as they might also start to distribute the adware on other free software distributing websites based in Asia. Note that an antimalware program, such as SpyHunter can prevent the installation of this and other programs in the KorAd adware family. However, if you are wary of the domains that you visit, then you can avoid installing such software, but that is not always possible since malicious applications are often promoted as useful and promise a great experience.

Testing has shown that applications, such as KeywordMap may force open your web browser that loads a website called Hungryapp.co.kr/game/game_list.php which shows a pop-up in the middle of the webpage. The ads seem to be legitimate for now, but they can change at any moment. Furthermore, KeywordMap is an unreliable program because you cannot uninstall from the Control Panel because it does not include an uninstaller on it. However, the uninstaller can be found in%APPDATA%\KeywordMap, but the registry keys have to be deleted manually.

We want to stress that the applications that belong to the KorAd family must not be trusted because they are programs that do not perform any useful tasks, but subject you to commercial content which may be of malicious nature. If that is the case, then you may be subjected to phishing websites or links to malware downloads. In the event you accidentally click a download button of an unknown application, then your computer might become infected with malware such as ransomware, spyware, rogue antivirus programs, and so on.

In closing, we hope that the information we have provided in this article was of some use to you, KorAd is a mysterious adware family that we are going to look into on a deeper level. For what we have found while conducting our research is that it includes a screen capture application (named in Korean) KeywordMap, and MOpop or OutTab (the name varies.) So if you see Korean ads, then you probably got one of KorAd’s programs. Most of them are installed in the same locations, so please use our universal removal guide or our recommended anti-malware application.

Remove KorAd-related adware

  1. Press Windows+E keys.
  2. In the resulting window’s address bar type %APPDATA%.
  3. Locate the malicious folder (e.g. KeywordMap.)
  4. Run the uninstaller if present or delete all files.

In non-techie terms:

KorAd is an adware family that seems to be primarily distributed in South Korea, but its adware can also be found on other websites based in Asia. The adware is disseminated using either standalone installers on dedicated distribution websites or bundled installers on freeware sites. We recommend that you remove this family’s applications because they are used to promote third-party content which in some cases might be dangerous to your computer.