Kickay Removal Guide

Do you know what Kickay is?

Kickay, or, is a search engine that used to be spread by the browser extension Kickay. At the moment, the search engine is not available due to unknown reasons. If you happen to have the Kickay extension on the Chrome browser, we recommend that you remove the extension without hesitation.

The Kickay extension used to be available in the Google Web Store and presented as a tool that can enhance your browsing experience with its new technology. This type of presentation is very vague and applicable to a variety of browser extensions. If you ever encounter something similar, do not hurry to install the application offered but first do some research on it. Finding out the terms of use or the privacy policy is highly advisable, because you get the chance to get the view of how the service is provided.

The browser extension Kickay, as well as the search engine, is categorized as a browser hijacker because of the way the application is distributed. It is known that unsolicited changes on the browser would be made after the user's attempt to leave an associated website. In order to leave the page, the user would have to agree to have the search engine set to Moreover, the extension would get access to the user's data on every website accessed afterwards. Unsolicited changes on the browser can be also made without your interference, which would be considered a real case of browser hijacking. Both the search engine and the browser extension should be removed from the browser so that your data on various websites and the very browser affected do not get compromised or used against you.

The search engine does not provide any authentic search results but redirects searches through which then provides users with Yahoo! search results. The fact that the search engine Kickay uses third parties to provide you with relevant search results should be taken into consideration. People behind Kickay are likely to be interested in earning more through the ads displayed in the search results. Bear in mind that very often crooks uses known search engines to provide their victims with some malicious links. The very fact that Kickay cannot offer you anything different should encourage you to take action to solve the issue.

Browser extensions such as Kickay and search engines such as are usually powered to collect certain information. All search engine collect some information related to users' online behavior, including search terms, websites visited, advertisements selected, to mention just a few. However, not all of search engines are capable of professionally managing the data collected. The information acquired by Kickay may be used for marketing purposes and shared with questionable third parties, which may be also interested in providing you with targeted advertisements.

Whenever you are provided with suspicious-looking pop-ups or web banners after some unwanted changes are made on your browsers, beware of deceptive advertisements. There are thousands of deceptive advertisements aimed at taking you to ill-purposed websites. For example, you might find as that attempt to make you think that your computer is infected with viruses and other types of threats. It is also possible to encounter advertisements suggesting that you could become the winner of some quiz after fill in a questionnaire. Ignore such offers so as not to get deceived.

Kickay is one of multiple software programs that you should not encounter in order to keep your browsing sessions undisturbed and personal information unaffected. Removing the undesirable search engine is highly recommended but that does not fully avert future browser hijacking or malware installation. After removing Kickay, if it is removed manually, it is advisable to implement anti-malware software so that you can safely browse various websites and not worry about threats attempting to get control over your system.

How to remove Kickay

  1. Open the browser.
  2. Click the three dots button in the upper corner of the browser.
  3. Move the cursor to More Tools and click Extension.
  4. Remove Kickay.

In non-techie terms:

Kickay is an abandoned search engine that would replace the home page and default search engine of the Google Chrome browser. The search engine is known to be spread by malicious websites which are programmed to hawk Kickay before enabling the visitor to close the website. The name Kickay refers to a browser hijacker and a browser extension, both of which should be removed before starting to take preventative measures of malware infiltration.