Is That You Facebook Removal Guide

Do you know what Is That You Facebook is?

Is That You Facebook is yet another scam that targets Facebook users. Facebook is still one of the most popular social networking websites, so this scam might affect thousands of people if Facebook does not take any action to stop it. According to our team of experienced researchers, Is That You Facebook is distributed by cyber criminals to get people’s Facebook login credentials or spread malicious applications. Even though it was first detected a few months ago for the first time and, because of this, is considered a relatively new scam, it is very likely that scammers have already obtained login credentials of hundreds of users and then accessed personal information on their accounts. Is That You Facebook is not the first scam targeting Facebook users, and it would be very naive to expect that similar scams will not be created in the future, so users should be cautious all the time and do not click on suspicious links even if they are sent to them by close friends/relatives because they might end up with untrustworthy software and hand in their login credentials to scammers with the single click on a malicious link.

You can be sure that you have encountered the Is That You Facebook scam if you have received a private message on Facebook Messenger containing a link to a video and a question “Is that you?.” Needless to say, you will not see any video even if you click on the received link, so make sure you ignore it. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of gullible Facebook users who click on the fake link. This is a huge mistake they make because they might be redirected straight to malicious third-party websites promoting malicious software. On top of that, users who click on the link might be taken to phishing websites. Our researchers say that the majority of users who click on the “video” link should be taken to a fake YouTube website first. Then, they should be presented with a fabricated Messenger login form. Do not enter your login credentials because you will still not be allowed to watch any video. Instead, cyber criminals behind the Is That You Facebook scam could access your account and steal personal information from it. Of course, you will not know anything about that.

We do not blame users who click on the fake video link the Is That You Facebook scam distributes. As research has shown, the fake video link might be made to look like it was sent by a friend, so it is not surprising at all that so many users click on it without fear. Even though the fake video link is usually generated from a friend’s account, it should be noted that the sender might be Facebook’s support as well. Have you received the link from a friend? If so, you should ask him/her about the link before clicking on it. The chances are high that your friend will not know anything about it. Have you already encountered Is That You Facebook and clicked on the link sent to you? If your answer to this question is “yes,” you should know that you might start distributing the malicious link yourself because Facebook scams are often spread using the chain scheme. If you have become a distributor of this scam, we suggest that you contact the Facebook’s support team. You should do this right away, especially if you have provided your login credentials on the phishing website.

It is not very likely that you have encountered the Is That You Facebook scam because you have some kind of harmful malicious application installed on your computer, but we still recommend that you acquire a powerful antimalware scanner and then perform an in-depth system scan with it.

In non-techie terms:

Is That You Facebook is not the first scam aimed at Facebook users, and we are sure it is not the only existing scam, so you should be cautious all the time. The most important thing is not to click on malicious links. If you ever receive a link, you should, first, inspect it carefully and only then click on it. Of course, if something suspicious is noticed, it should be completely ignored because there is a possibility that it will take you straight to a malicious website containing bad software or open a phishing website.