IPA Virus Removal Guide

Do you know what IPA Virus is?

IPA Virus is a dangerous and cunning ransomware infection that is able to a paralyze computer and constrain the user from accessing computer programs in this way. The abbreviation stands for the International Police Association, which is a worldwide organization; however, it has not initiated any investigation presented in a message and displayed by the virus. As the only aim of the threat is to lure computer users into paying ransom money, the fake alert warning is designed to look as legitimate as possible.

Additionally, it is important to note that there are several versions of this IPA Virus in different languages and that have infected computers in different European countries. For example, IPA Virus has already infected computers located in Germany, Greece, Portugal, Austria and others. The virus is also attributed to the group of viruses called Ukash virus, which is titled in this way due to the method of paying the ransom fees.
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Those who have never heard of ransomware infection may think that the IPA warning is real and that they are actually being accused of illegal activities presented in the message. The text claims that the user has distributed or watched child pornography related material and this has caused the lockdown of the computer. The message gives only one way of unlocking the paralyzed computer which is to pay a fine of €100. If your computer is already locked and you are not sure what to do in this case, please ignore the message and remove IPA Virus, because the removal is the only save way to protect the computer. Even though the ransom money is paid, this does not mean that the problem will be sold.

Moreover, the icon of Ukash does not mean that the message is genuine, because this is just a save method for collecting user’s money. Instead of stealing personal information and trying to access personal bank accounts, schemers chose the easier way - Ukash. All that the user is expected to do is to buy a voucher and enter its code into an appropriate field. However, it is possible to easily remove the message and the one that displays it, especially if a powerful spyware removal application is used.

The following instructions should help you to remove IPA Virus:

  1. Reboot the computer in Safe Mode with Networking (hit F8 after pressing the restart button).
  2. Disable all start up programs:
  3. Open the Run application located in the Start menu. Type in “msconfig” and then press OK. Find the Startup tab and uncheck all of the entries.
  4. Download a spyware removal application and restart the computer normally.
  5. Install the tool and start a scan to remove the virus.

In non-techie terms:

IPA Virus is a dangerous infection which should be removed as soon as possible, because the virus disables access to computer programs and may try to compromise the data stored on the PC. The removal should be performed either by an experienced troubleshooter or a legitimate antis-spyware program, because the removal is a complex procedure which should be carried out flawlessly.

Aliases: IPA.