Invisible Keylogger 97 Removal Guide

D0 you know what Invisible Keylogger 97 is?

Invisible Keylogger 97 is a keylogging program intended for Windows 95 and Windows 98. It records all the key strokes you make into a binary file and then the file can be converted into a text file that you are able to read. Initially Invisible Keylogger 97 was created for users who wanted to review everything they typed on their computer over a day. As such, the final user assumed all responsibility for using this program, no matter how many people used a computer in question. As such, Invisible Keylogger 97 could be used for monitoring, but it can also be misused as a data theft tool, especially if the user has no idea his computer has this keylogger running.

The problem is that Invisible Keylogger 97 runs automatically with every Windows start. To be more precise the program loads right when you start Windows logon process. It means that the keylogger can record your username and password as well. In case your computer is infected with other malware that provides a remote access to the compromised system, with all the data collected by Invisible Keylogger 97, cyber criminals get into your system and steal even more data.

You can check whether the program is running or not on Windows Task Manager running processes list. The process that is ascribed to Invisible Keylogger 97 is called "ik". Overall, the program uses very little system memory, so it is hard to determine whether you are infected with Invisible Keylogger 97 or not without a thorough system scan. Originally, it was possible to remove Invisible Keylogger 97 via Control Panel, but if this application is being exploited by a third party, chances are that you will not see it listed among installed programs.

Therefore, we highly recommend scanning your system with the SpyHunter free scanner, to make sure that no programs are running behind your back. Invest in a reliable computer security program to remove Invisible Keylogger 97 if need be. Protect your data from possible theft.

In non-techie terms:

Invisible Keylogger 97 is a program that can record everything you type on your keyboard. If it is used by hackers, it can collect your banking logins and passwords, providing cyber criminals with your bank account access. Remove Invisible Keylogger 97 right now and avoid the possibility of being robbed.

Aliases: InvisibleKeylogger.