InternetGameBox Removal Guide

Do you know what InternetGameBox is?

InternetGameBox is one of computer users’ concerns as it is software or an online game console which can drop a copy of a Trojan horse called Trojan.Skintrim. When you try to access the website via Internet Explorer, you will find that it has been already reported to Microsoft for containing computer threats:

This website has been reported to Microsoft for containing threats to your computer that might reveal personal or financial information.

If you have ever installed InternetGameBox software, you might have noticed that it also serves a lot of different pop-up advertisements which can be removed only if you delete InternetGameBox. The unwanted application can change the settings of your browsers and connect to its servers as long as you allow it to run in the background of the system.

As for the Trojan which can be installed surreptitiously, it is known to be able to download new contents to the infected computer. Once it alters the Registry settings, it creates various files some of which may be named randomly. The malicious files are located in the ProgramFiles folder and the System folder. For example, one of the files which are dropped by the Trojan is MailSkinner.exe. This harmful file can affect the performance of other programs and manipulate them. Moreover, it can monitor how the applications are operating.

In addition to the Trojan’s characteristics, it creates a few malicious registry entries and downloads files from It is also reported to have been able to connect to

In order to get rid of InternetGameBox and prevent computer infections which can by the malware which comes bundled with the software in question, it is highly advisable to scan the PC with SpyHunter. Click on the download button to get our free scanner which will scan the machine and detect computer with ease. Moreover, as long as you keep the malware prevention program up-to-date, your computer will be provided against adware, spyware and other types of computer threats.

In non-techie terms:

InternetGameBox is a potentially unwanted application which can be downloaded from the website bearing the same name. The software enables the user to play online games; however, the drawbacks of this application is that it servers advertisements and can drop a Trojan horse, which in return can download more malicious files.

Aliases: Internet Game Box.