IntelligentAdvisor Removal Guide

Do you know what IntelligentAdvisor is?

IntelligentAdvisor is a corrupt anti-spyware program designed to use aggressive scare tactics forcing users to waste their money on the IntelligentAdvisor software. IntelligentAdvisor is a very scrupulous program that may block your internet access and possibly hijack or steal your personal information.

IntelligentAdvisor uses several dirty tactics to lure gullible users to purchase the IntelligentAdvisor program. IntelligentAdvisor is usually installed onto a user's computer through the Zlob Trojan infection which may be downloaded from a video codec or P2P website. IntelligentAdvisor may be installed onto a users computer through the MP3z program. Users must avoid the MP3z program to steer clear of the Trojan that installs IntelligentAdvisor.

In non-techie terms: IntelligentAdvisor and any websites that advertises IntelligentAdvisor must be avoided at all costs. IntelligentAdvisor is not a legitmate program and does not advise users of anything good. Do not under any circumstances purchase IntelligentAdvisor, you will be wasting your money.

Aliases: IntelligentAdvisor, Intelligent Advisor

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