Infolinks Removal Guide

Do you know what Infolinks is?

Infolinks is a company which helps online advertisers to drive more traffic to their website by providing various ad campaigns that suit both the advertiser and the owner of the website on which the advertisements are displayed. Infolinks does not promote any browser add-on and does not seek to identify the user who gets attracted by the advertisements. As a results, if you come across an Infolinks advertisement, no matter in what format it is, do not think that your computer is infected. The company does not alert the website without the agreement of its owner, which means that you can safely browser the Internet.

There are four different solutions for publishers. The one who wants to advertise some item may choose from different ad units each of which is said to be unobtrusive as they advertisements appear when they have to. For example, in the case of insearch, the search traffic is enhanced with advertisements relevant to the keywords. If an intext unit is select, the visitor of a website will find that some words are converted to link. By hovering the mouse on the hyperlinked word, you can see the address of the website which you will be directed. However, the window that appears depends on the advertiser because Infolinks enables its clients to customize the contents that are displayed. Another service that the client can be provided is display ads which are located in the margins of the website. By applying these methods, the advertiser can boost revenue and attract more visitors.
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If you find Infolinks advertisements annoying and want to remove them, you have to block them. You will have to do that on every page where the advertisements presented by Infolinks are displayed. Below you will find instructions that should help you block the ads:

  1. Open the website that contains Infolinks ads.
  2. Click the question mark.
  3. Select the option enabling you to block the ads.

As the opt-out procedures have to be performed on every website containing Infolinks ads. It is possible to restrict access to, which has to be done on Internet Explorer. After you make the change, you will not see the adds on other browsers, including Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Here is what you should do:

1. Press Alt+T.
2. Click Internet Options.
3. Open the Security tab.
4. Select the Restricted sites option.
5. Click Sites and enter into the Add this website to the zone box.
6. Click Add and close the window.

However, if you think that some unwanted browser add-on or browser helper object (BHO) is installed on your browsers, it is advisable to scan the system. We recommend using SpyHunter or its scanner. The latter is available below at no charge, so if you want to make sure that no computer threats are running with the system, click the button download to acquire the scanner.

In non-techie terms:

Infolinks is a company which provides advertising services for those who want to drive more traffic to their websites. The advertisements can be provided in different forms depending on the desires of the clients. If you find the advertisement associated with Infolink, do not think that it is a virus, as the company embeds advertisements only when the owner agrees.