InfeStop Removal Guide

Do you know what InfeStop is?

InfeStop is one of the internet's latest rogue anti-spyware programs to bombard computer users with annoying popups and bogus system scans. InfeStop is not a program for the light hearted because it uses agressive scare tactics through false scan results. InfeStop might put a stop to your every-day computer use with the possibility of slowing your system to a crawl. InfeStop attempts to get users to purchase a full version of the InfeStop rogue software through it's aggressive tactics. InfeStop will not rest until users give into it's endless popups and fake scans.

InfeStop is downloaded through a Trojan infection which is usually obtained by the downloading of video codecs or a friendly visit to a peer to peer or shareware website.

In non-techie terms: InfeStop and the website is like many other rogue anti-spyware program infections and should be taken seriously. InfeStop is not a good working spyware removal tool and serves no practical use to anyone. InfeStop uses illicit tactics to extort money from you. Do not under any circumstances purchase the InfeStop program or any software related to InfeStop. It is a good suggestion to avoid the website at all costs.

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