iLotto Removal Guide

Do you know what iLotto is?

iLotto is a program that is meant to make it easier for you to win prizes, with a weekly opportunity of taking the prize of 1 million dollars. This program, as well as the site representing it (, is operated by Chestbox Limited, a British Virgin Islands-based company. Our research team has not come in contact within this company before, and this is likely due to the fact that this company is bogus or completely new. In some cases, unreliable parties create new companies to represent different products to make it more difficult to track down the real creator. While testing this app, we found that it is currently promoted via the same engine that was used for DeepBlue Games. At the moment, the installer for this program does not work because the engine has been employed for the distribution of yet another suspicious adware. There are other reasons why you might decide to remove iLotto from your PC.

Cordial Data Systems is the publisher of iLotto, and it is yet another suspicious company that might have been made up to conceal some suspicious party. This publisher operates via the official website, and the installer is proposed to you as soon as you register your email address and password. This brings you to a page that provides you with the so-called “Quick Access App” link. If you are installing this program via Chrome, you will be asked if you agree for your data on the sites visited to be read and changed. The Chrome ID for this extension is gnbjeienaoekfiebaefhlhjagbbkmmok, and we have found that it is also available from According to the data on this page, the program was last updated in 2015, and it does not have any reviews, which is a red flag. Once you are done installing this extension, you will be asked to complete the registration by disclosing your full name, home address, date of birth, gender, and your phone number. You should not disclose this information to anyone that is not 100% trustworthy because you do not want this data used by schemers.iLotto Removal GuideiLotto screenshot
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Once you install this program, it is likely that you will start seeing online advertisements. As the Terms and Conditions document at has reveals, in-text, interstitial, and other types of ads could be shown. We do not recommend interacting with these advertisements because they might route you to unfamiliar, unreliable sites, and your interaction with them could enable tracking cookies. Another thing we have learned while analyzing this document is that iLotto is associated with some kind of “merchant” services. It is stated that Yippex Limited operates subscription payments for the Premium Membership, and users are not introduced to this service via the official website. According to the document, this membership costs $19.99, and this is strange, considering that, initially, the services are presented as free-of-charge. Needless to say, if you are asked to pay money for the services provided by this suspicious ad-supported software, you should refuse them immediately.

Can you delete iLotto from your operating system? If you have downloaded it onto your computer, you will need to eliminate the shortcut and the components of this adware. If you have downloaded it onto Chrome, you will need to erase the unwanted browser extension. Do not worry if you are confused about the process because it is explained in the guide below. If you are having troubles with any of the steps, make sure you start a discussion below, because we want to help you. Considering that this adware was found traveling in software bundles, we suggest implementing anti-malware software to eliminate it, as well as all other unreliable, potentially dangerous programs, automatically.

Delete iLotto from Windows and Chrome

  1. Launch Explorer by tapping Win+E keys simultaneously.
  2. Enter %ProgramData% into the address bar.
  3. Right-click the iLotto folder and select Delete.
  4. Launch RUN by tapping Win+R keys simultaneously.
  5. Enter regedit.exe and click OK.
  6. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\.
  7. Right-click the iLotto key and select Delete.
  8. Delete the shortcut from the Desktop.
  9. Launch Google Chrome and tap Alt+F to access the menu on the right side.
  10. Select More tools and click Extensions to access the chrome://extensions/ menu.
  11. Identify the unwanted add-on, right-click it, and choose Remove.

In non-techie terms:

Although the services of iLotto might be appealing, we do not recommend interacting with them. If you have downloaded this program already, we suggest deleting it. This advertising-supported program can show advertisements and collect information about you. The worst part is that you might disclose your personal information yourself without even suspecting a threat. This program urges you to share your personal information in order to be eligible for supposed winnings, but it is highly unlikely that you will win anything by interacting with this program. It is more likely that this data will be used to approach you in some other way, via email or telephone, with misleading scams or annoying offers. Removing this program is important, and we suggest using automated removal software for that.