Illusion Mailer Removal Guide

Do you know what Illusion Mailer is?

Illusion Mailer is a dangerous computer infection classified as backdoor Trojan or simply a backdoor. It means that rather than damaging your system directly, this infection performs a mediator function, allowing cyber hackers to control your system, turn your computer into a bot and so on. It could even expose your system's vulnerabilities so that other malicious infections could enter your PC easily. Needless to say, that this infection presents a variety of security risks and so you need to remove Illusion Mailer from your PC right now.

To check your computer for possible infections, run a full system scan with SpyHunter free scanner. The sooner you detect possible intruders the better, because in case of Illusion Mailer, your system could be compromised without you even knowing it. This backdoor enters your PC surreptitiously and then adds a registry entry in order to auto-start each time you turn on your PC. Then it connects to a remote server via port 5512 and receives configuration data from its main server. If Illusion Mailer turns your computer into a bot, then your system can be used to perform a Distributed Denial of Service attack along with a list of other infected computers.

Not to mention that with Illusion Mailer on board, you are exposed to other infections that in the long run could result in ultimate system crash, data theft and even financial loss. Therefore, you mustn‘t wait any longer – acquire a legitimate computer security tool and remove Illusion Mailer automatically. Some users may want to perform a manual removal, but automatic removal is faster and more efficient. Not to mention that the computer security program of choice allows you to safeguard your PC from other similar infections and you get to check your system through and through. Keep in mind, that such backdoors as Illusion Mailer seldom come alone, so there is a highly possibility that you are infected with other malware as well.

In non-techie terms:

Illusion Mailer is a backdoor that compromises your system and allows other infections to enter your PC. You need to remove Illusion Mailer automatically ASAP otherwise you may experience dire consequences of this infection.

Aliases: Mailer.Illusion.