Ikasutmi Removal Guide

Do you know what Ikasutmi is?

Ikasutmi is a Google Chrome exclusive extension that can be installed on it when visiting a particular website. This extension has been removed from the Chrome web store. However, if you are one of those people that still have installed on their browser, then we invite you to read this article which includes the most relevant information currently available about it. Apparently, this application was configured to hijack your browser’s homepage address or display pop-up advertizements when you browse the web. Hence, it offers nothing of real value, so there is no point in keeping it.

Let us begin our analysis with how this extension is distributed. According to our malware researchers, this extension is promoted by Climbingsu.com. This extension is forced on you when if you get redirected to Climbingsu.com/koj/. Climbingsu.com runs a malicious JavaScript that produces a dialog box that informs you that you will install Ikasutmi. If you click Cancel, then it is set to change it to a dialog box with a ticked box with text “Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs.” If you click OK, then the window will go into full-screen mode, and you will be prompted to install Ikasutmi. Researchers say that you can get redirected to this website when installing pirated software.

Nevertheless, researchers say that more websites can also be part of its distribution campaign. It appears that the installation occurs automatically, though Chrome should ask you whether you want to install this extension. The website(s) download this extension from the Chrome Web Store. The good news is that it has been already removed from this store, but if you have had it installed on your browser, then it still remains on it, though it might be inactive by now. Its unique Chrome ID was gealmglkkgnpmcbmfikiehabbhbnekhj. Now that you know how it could have gotten on your PC let us take a look at how it works and what it can do.

Apparently, has been configured to show commercial advertizements while you browse the web. Researchers say that it inject banners into the websites that you are visiting. Furthermore, it might turn random web page text in hyperlinks and, also, generate pop-up ads. Not only that but it might also change the homepage address of your browser, and this new search engine might show customized search results littered with promotional links and advertizements that might jeopardize your computer. Not only that but that search engine might also collect some information about you to be used for advertizing purposes. The information gathered can include your search queries, browsing history, links clicked, browser type and version, operating system type, and so on. This information can be used to present you with personalized search results that may or may not contain links to questionable websites. Therefore, we are of the opinion that Ikasutmi is a good for nothing extension that you should consider getting rid of.

So there you have it, Ikasutmi is yet another malicious browser extension set to enter your browser using deceptive methods to show you commercial ads to make money for its owners. Clearly, it is a despicable little program that you ought to remove if you still have it on your PC. The good news is that it is no longer featured on the Chrome Webs Store so no one can get it. Please see the instructions below on how to delete it from Chrome.

Remove this extension from the browser

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Press the Alt+F keys.
  3. Select More tools and click Extensions.
  4. Locate Ikasutmi and click Remove.

In non-techie terms:

Ikasutmi is yet another useless browser extension that can enter your PC by stealth via Climbingsu.com that will insist on you installing it on your PC. Once on your browser, it is set to show commercial ads in the form of pop-ups and banners and, in some cases, even replace the homepage address of your browser with its promoted search engine. This extension is up to no good, so the sooner you remove it, the better.