XPOnlinescanner.com Removal Guide

Do you know what XPOnlinescanner.com is?

XPOnlinescanner.com is a newer malicious website that may promote XPAntivirus which is a popular rogue anti-spyware program known to cause serious issues with computers on the internet. XPOnlinescanner.com may be very catchy to some computer users due to it's name and the correlation of colors on the XPOnlinescanner.com website that resemble Microsoft Windows XP colors. This is a common tactic used by the creators of malicious sites such as XPOnlinescanner.com.

XPOnlinescanner.com's home page goes to new lengths to display recent virus and spyware threats making it appear to be a legitimate antivirus website. XPOnlinescanner.com is not legitimate and may cause harm to your computer if any of the software from XPOnlinescanner.com is downloaded or installed. A XPOnlinescanner.com link was recently found to be on news sites such as Star Tribune. Somehow a link to XPOnlinescanner.com ended up on the Star Tribune site redirecting users to XPOnlinescanner.com.

In non-techie terms: XPOnlinescanner.com was created by hackers who may be the same group the created XPAntivirus. XPOnlinescanner.com uses illicit tactics to extort money from you. Computer users are strongly urged to avoid purchasing or downloading any software related to XPOnlinescanner.com.

Aliases: XPOnlinescanner.com, XPOnlinescanner, Xpantivirus, XP Antivirus

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  • Alec

    What's going on? This is crazy! XPOnlinescanner.com is all over the place! I visited LiveJournal this morning, and a popup appeared, there was no way for me to close popup! It kept popping! I hit cancel or X and another popup appeared! Then computer started scanning for spyware! What? Messages appeared tricking me into downloading software to remove whatever spyware the scan supposedly found.
    I wrote an email to the site anyways. Bummer.
    Then I tried you guys, hoping this was legit. And yea, Smitfraudfix rocks.

  • http://? Paul H

    What about for MacIntosh? The company, (i.e., Apple), keeps saying there's no way the computer can be infected, - "there's only been 23, and none now" - but this changes how I surf and it does appear to have at least partially affected some of the web-sites. Can you help?

  • André Paradis

    Thank you so much!
    There are still people who care and I appreciate.

  • Mya

    Paul H:

    Because of Macintosh's stability and security provided by the Mac Operating System, computers don't allow most viruses, spyware and adware that affects Windows-based computers to pass through.

    I suggest you:

    - Browse Safe. Use Safari, Firefox or Opera.
    - Don't download anything from untrusted sources.
    - Don't download any attachments and disable images from emails.
    - Boost IM privacy settings.
    - Keep Office updated.

  • Drew

    I'm getting the pop-up for XPonline scanner about once a day but have never downloaded it I just close the window and it says it is strongly advised but I never installed it... Can some one please tell me how to stop these pop-ups?