UniGray AntiVirus Removal Guide

Do you know what UniGray AntiVirus is?

UniGray AntiVirus or UniGray is known as a recent rogue anti-spyware program. UniGray AntiVirus uses annoying popups and deceptive alert messages to get computer users to purchase the full version of UniGray AntiVirus. UniGray AntiVirus is installed from either a Trojan infection which is obtained from a video codec download or the UniGray.com website. UniGray AntiVirus is related to the recent MonaRonaDona parasite which uses deceiving tactics to redirect users to other malicious websites.

Aliases: UniGray AntiVirus, UniGray, UniGray.com, MonaRonaDona

In non-techie terms: UniGray AntiVirus is nothing more than a program that will rip you off. UniGray AntiVirus was developed by hackers to extort money from you by use of their illicit tactics. It is recommended that all computer users avoid the UniGray AntiVirus program and UniGray.com website no matter how legitimate they may look. Do not under any circumstances purchase UniGray AntiVirus.

UniGray.com went to the extreme of posting a video of the bogus UniGray AntiVirus program in action:

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