How to remove TrustWarrior (or Trust Warrior)

Do you know what TrustWarrior is?

TrustWarrior is a totally malicious antispyware software application, which is also called Trust Warrior. This is actually a complete replica of the SoftSafeness, SafetyKeeper, SaveKeeper. TrustWarrior may enter your system via a Trojan, which may enter through a security hole that you are not aware of. This is not the only method for entry, as TrustWarrior may also get onto your system via spam emails or malware. Once this malicious program has found a way to get onto your system, it will proceed to install itself. TrustWarrior will then generate a fake scan report which will come up with fake results. TrustWarrior will tell you that you have various threats on your machine, which you need to get rid of immediately. It will then offer you the opportunity to get rid of these threats by purchasing the "full version". This is all a scam and TrustWarrior should be removed from your computer, as soon as you detect it. In order to remain totally secure, don't buy, install or download TrustWarrior under any circumstances.