StopingSpy or StopingSpy 2.1 Removal Guide

Do you know what StopingSpy or StopingSpy 2.1 is?

StopingSpy or StopingSpy 2.1 is a rogue anti-spyware program that may bombard computer users with popups and alert messages stating that they are infected with spyware. StopingSpy 2.1 displays erroneous scan results to scare users into purchasing the StopingSpy 2.1 program. StopingSpy 2.1 cannot be trusted and must be removed before it causes damage to your system. StopingSpy or StopingSpy 2.1 is known to be similar to MalwareAlarm and SpyShredder which are other known rogue anti-spyware programs.

In non-techie terms: StopingSpy 2.1 is very similar to other well known rogue anti-spyware programs with it's illicit tactics. StopingSpy 2.1 uses certain tactics to extort money from computer users. StopingSpy 2.1 must be avoided at all costs. Do not under any circumstances purchase StopingSpy or StopingSpy 2.1.

Aliases: StopingSpy, Stoping Spy, StopingSpy 2.1

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