How To Remove SmitFraud / Zlob / Vundo / VirtualMaid

What is SmitFraud?

SmitFraud (or known as Trojan.Zlob, Trojan.Vundo, VirtualMaid, Quicknavigate) is a computer infection that may display false security alerts or popup messages stating that you are infected with a parasite. The SmitFraud alerts or popup messages are usually the result of a rogue anti-spyware program being installed on your computer without your knowledge. If any of the SmitFraud popups or security messages are clicked, you may be redirected to a website where it advertises rogue anti-spyware programs or a rogue anti-spyware program may start to run a scan on your computer without your permission.

SmitFraud Solution: It is recommended you download SmitFraudFix to remove the SmitFraud infection.

DO NOT CONFUSE the legitimate program SmitFraudFix with the dirty spyware SmitFraud. SmitFraudFix, the removal tool, got it's name from the unwanted program SmitFraud as a tool to remove spyware/trojans that may have false security alerts and popups which cause rogue anti-spyware programs like SmitFraud to infect your computer.

SmitFraud Automatic Removal Instructions

This is a self-help guide to remove SmitFraud automatically. Proceed at your own risk. To remove SmitFraud from your computer you can follow the steps below.

Before you start: Print or bookmark these instructions because you'll have to reboot into Safe Mode. Remember to back up your computer in case you make a mistake.

  1. Download and save SmitFraudFix to your desktop. Do not click on SmitfraudFix.exe once it is on your desktop at this point.
  2. Restart your computer in Safe Mode (how to restart safe mode).

    On the Windows Start menu, choose Turn off computer and click Restart.

    As the computer restarts, a progress bar will appear at the bottom of the screen, immediately press F8 once every second, before the progress bar reaches the right side of the screen.

    On the Windows Start-up menu, highlight Safe Mode and press enter.

    Your desktop will appear.

  3. Make sure all windows are closed.
  4. Find SmitFraudFix.exe on your desktop and double click it.
  5. When SmitFraudFix.exe starts you will see a credits screen, press any key on the keyboard to continue.
  6. A menu will appear, press the number 2 on your keyboard and press enter to select the Clean (safe mode recommended) option.
  7. SmitFraudFix will now start cleaning your computer. The Disk Cleanup program will start automatically after the first process of cleaning your computer.
  8. Note: The program will remove all of the Temporary Internet Files, Temp folder files, and any leftover files from the infection. This process may take up to a few hours depending on your system. Once it is complete the program will automatically close.

  9. When the Disk Cleanup is complete it will give you an option asking Do you want to clean the registry ? (y/n). Select Y on your keyboard and press enter.
  10. When the Disk Cleanup and Registry Clean has completed it will display the message Computer will reboot now. Close all applications. Press the space bar. Allow your computer to perform the countdown and allow it to restart on its own.

Your computer is now free of the SmitFraud infection. I hope this article has helped you solve your SmitFraud problems. If you want to contribute to this article, post your comment below.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes. By using this information you agree to be bound by the disclaimer. There's no guarantee that SmitFraud will be completely removed from your computer. Seek professional help if your computer continues to experience problems.

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