BortMedVirus Removal Guide

Do you know what BortMedVirus is?

BortMedVirus is a dangerous rogue anti-spyware program. BortMedVirus may be installed onto your computer without your knowledge through the Zlob.trojan infection. BortMedVirus displays erroneous popups and messages stating that you are infected with a virus. BortMedVirus uses this tactic to get users to purchase the full BortMedVirus program ultimately wasting their money.

In non-techie terms: BortMedVirus is like many other fake anti-spyware programs in that it does you no good in removal of parasites from your system. BortMedVirus cannot be trusted. Do not purchase or download BortMedVirus under any circumstances.

Aliases: BortMedVirus, Bort Med Virus, Bort-Med-Virus

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