HDD Recovery Removal Guide

Do you know what HDD Recovery is?

HDD Recovery is going to try everything which it can in order to try and make you believe that it is a trustworthy PC defragmenter when this is not the case at all. HDD Recovery is not going to fix anything on your computer system and is in fact going to be the main source of your computer problems. You are going to experience many signs and symptoms which can be seen as a clear give away that HDD Recovery is in fact on your computer system and it is not some helpful software program that it claims to be. HDD Recovery will proceed to modify your system settings and may modify the Windows registry. This defragmenter is bad news and may actually result in vast amounts of pop ups and irritating advertisements being on your screen. It may seem like no matter what you do these pop up won't go away. Many notifications may appear which may alert you to threats which you don't actually have. This is all done in order to scare you into purchasing a full version which is not real.

In non techie terms:

This is a tactic which the makers of HDD Recovery have created in order to steal your money and leave you with a computer system that is infected. The best thing is going to be to purchase a good antispyware removal tool.

Aliases: HDDRecovery.