HDD Plus Removal Guide

Do you know what HDD Plus is?

It would seem that despite the best efforts by the online security industry, more and more users are falling prey to HDD Plus, a dangerous rogue defragmenter product. HDD Plus imitates the working of a fake defragmenter tool in an effort to fool consumers out of their money. In reality, HDD Plus offers no diagnostic, protective or removal power.

Users are urged to remove HDD Plus rather than pay any attention to its cleverly marketed hoopla. HDD Plus will try everything in its power to mislead the consumer and get the user to believe in its legitimacy. It will do this by informing the user that his PC has been compromised by various fake threats, and the only way to regain control of the PC will be to pay for an HDD Plus license.

Never pay for this blatant scareware, and remove HDD Plus without delay. Always invest in up to date, properly functioning security software to protect your PC against threats such as HDD Plus and the like.

In non techie terms:

HDD Plus is a fake defragmenter application developed by criminals. It does not have your best interests at heart, and you need to eliminate HDD Plus off your system in the interest of securing the privacy and health of your PC.

Aliases: HDDPlus.