HappySale Removal Guide

Do you know what HappySale is?

HappySale is an annoying adware application that generates commercial pop-ups and spams the Google Chrome browser. You must have installed this program accidentally when you downloaded something from a third-party file hosting website. This would imply that you have many other unwanted applications on your computer, and you most certainly have to remove them all, including HappySale. If you are not sure which applications have to be terminated, scan your PC with the SpyHunter free scanner. If necessary, acquire SpyHunter or another legitimate computer security application that will help you delete all the potential threats automatically.

Luckily, HappySale is not much of a computer security threat. The application is part of the Multiplug family, so it is related to CoupMania, CoinSave, and other applications from the same group. The difference is that usually the Multiplug programs install extensions on Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome, but this application works only on the Google Chrome browser. What’s more, it cannot be removed via Control Panel because there is simply no entry in the list of installed programs. Nevertheless, it should not be complicated to get rid of HappySale because this extension can be deleted through the Google Chrome settings.

Some users might be reluctant to remove HappySale from their computers, saying that this application provides then with the hottest sales offers from the most popular online stores. That would be rather hard to argue with, but the point is that HappySale does not really care what kinds of links get embedded in its ads. Sure, it will show you a lot of seemingly relevant ads that will be related to your most recent search queries. However, if you decide to click any of these ads, you have to understand that you do it at your own risk. This program will not be held responsible for any consequences that might occur once you step onto third-party territory.

Our main security concern with such adware programs is that they could be easily misused by cyber criminals to promote their content. That is why we always discourage users from clicking pop-up ads and other commercial content that seems to appear out of nowhere. It does not pop up just like that. You either have a program like HappySale installed, or you have just entered an adware-related website that is part of the pay-per-click system. Although HappySale does not force you to do anything, little by little this application might ultimately lead to your system's demise.

As mentioned above, when you get down to removing HappySale, you should also check for other potentially unwanted programs. Aside from removing all the possible threats, you should also focus on prevention measures. It is true that investing in a reliable computer security program saves you the trouble of dealing with computer threats first-hand, but it is also important to exercise safe web browsing habits. Stay away from unfamiliar websites and do not click on a random pop-up that you encounter when you visit third-party websites. Also, download programs and their updates only from the official web pages. This will definitely help you avoid programs similar to HappySale in the future.

How to Delete HappySale

  1. Launch the Google Chrome browser.
  2. Press Alt+F and select More tools.
  3. Open Extensions and remove HappySale.

In non-techie terms:

HappySale is a browser extension that tracks your online activity in order to generate customized pop-ups. You will do yourself a favor if you remove HappySale from your computer at once. This application could be associated with potentially corrupted schemes and even cyber crime networks. That is definitely something you have to avoid at all costs, so the sooner you get rid of this application, the better. Should you have any further questions on the matter, please leave us a comment below.