FunMoods Toolbar Removal Guide

Do you know what FunMoods Toolbar is?

FunMoods Toolbar possesses characteristics of different unwanted programs, because it has some features of adware; it can be also called a browser hijacker or just a browser helper object. In any case, this latent program should be removed from the system, because it presence in the system is a source of trouble rather than a cause of better performance of the internet browser. It is observed that FunMoods Toolbars affects the most popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Chrome. After the installation of the infection, a FunMoods search box appears on the right hand side of the browser.

Unfortunately, the useless search box is not the only proof the toolbar’s capabilities. FunMoods Toolbar changes the browser’s home page, redirects search results to and other allegedly infectious websites, which may also contain advertisements. Additionally, the performance of the machine and the speed of the Internet could also decrease, because the infection will consume the computer’s resources to perform its illicit activities. If you have not downloaded the tool on your own to have “fun” while chatting online (the toolbar provides users with graphic, animated smileys), then this application has used other ways to penetrate into the system such as through downloads of infected free software, etc.

In non-techie terms:

FunMoods Toolbar is a unwanted program which you should not hesitate to delete as soon as you find it your internet browser.To remove FunMoods Toolbar and protect the system against future infection such as this browser hijacker or any other malware, we recommend that you use a professional antispyware program. A legitimate spyware removal application is the best option in this case, because it will remove FunMoods Toolbar completely. There will be no chances for the program to recover, because every single component of the infection will be removed.

Aliases: FunMoods.