FullScan Removal Guide

Do you know what FullScan is?

FullScan is a sophisticated and seemingly complicated online scam. Many users have made the mistake of trusting the rogue antispyware application FullScan and falling for its clever online marketing tactics. This rogue is harmful and does not offer any benefits to any PC system. Trojan and malware infections are the main cause of FullScan infections. Once the FullScan takes root on the PC, it will start its attack against the PC and its owner immediately. As a first point of attack, FullScan will instigate an unnecessary security scan of the system. This scan will yield many false positives, informing the user that there are many serious rampant infections present on his PC. This is all done in an effort to scare and panic the user into believing FullScan is the only application capable of removing these fake infections. This is simply untrue, as FullScan offers no diagnostic or removal capabilities whatsoever, and all correspondence should always be accepted as doubtful and suspicious. Never pay for any FullScan product, and don’t share any personal info with the developers of FullScan.

In non techie terms:

The only way to limit the damage posed by this rogue will be to permanently delete FullScan off any infected PC. Do this by making use of a genuine security tool which is able to effectively remove FullScan for good.

Aliases: Full Scan.