Fucked Ransomware Removal Guide

Do you know what Fucked Ransomware is?

Have your documents, images, text files, videos, and music files received a new extension .fucked? If the answer is “yes,” hurry to delete Fucked Ransomware from your computer. There is a 99% possibility that it is the one responsible for locking your files. According to our experienced specialists, this infection should not become prevalent because it has been developed for testing purposes and it is not distributed actively at the time of writing. Unfortunately, there is still a possibility that users will find it on their computers one day – this might happen if cyber criminals start distributing it actively with the intention of extracting money from users. Like other ransomware infections, it will secretly enter your computer and then will lock all files it finds by scanning all drives. It does not currently ask money, which shows that it is not used to obtain money from users at present, but we cannot promise that it will not be updated in the future. Either way, you must remove Fucked Ransomware from your computer as soon as possible if you ever encounter it. Before you do that, try entering the unlock code 123 in the decryption box (it can be found placed on the Form2 window opened by ransomware) and then click on the button next to it to get your files decrypted.

Fucked Ransomware starts a system scan the first thing it enters a system. It checks all drives and then locks files having .xlsx, .ppt, .png, .psd, .zip, .wma, .php, .aspx, .mp4, .avi, .MOV, .NLS, .ink, .pdf, and other filename extensions. As can be seen, this infection locks the most important files. Luckily, it does not touch system files and certain files located in directories having one of those strings in their names: “.old”, “efi”, “boot”, “rogram Files”, “rogram Files (x86)”, “very”, “cache”, “System Volume Information”, “indows”, and “Bin.” All those encrypted files receive the .fucked extension, and users can no longer open them. Fucked Ransomware also opens a window after encrypting files, but no information for users is provided there. If it is ever updated, most probably, a ransom note will appear on this window. At the time of writing, files can be unlocked by entering a key “123”; however, the chances are very low that you will discover this infection on your computer, so we believe that you will not need to unlock your files either. If a new version of this ransomware-type infection is ever released and demands money in exchange for a decryption key, do not rush to send money to cyber criminals – there might a way to get those files back without spending money on a decryption key which might not be even sent to you after cyber criminals receive your money.Fucked Ransomware Removal GuideFucked Ransomware screenshot
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As mentioned in this article, Fucked Ransomware is not distributed to steal money from people at the time of writing, but, of course, the situation might change one day. If this ever happens, different distribution methods will be employed to disseminate it. According to our experienced team of specialists, ransomware infections might be available on third-party pages and pretend to be useful software. In addition, they might be spread in spam emails as attachments. Last but not least, Trojan infections might drop them too on your PC without permission, so you should do what it takes to keep your computer clean. First of all, stop downloading software from dubious pages and, second, acquire an automatic tool for protecting your PC from all kinds of malicious applications.

The possibility that you will ever detect Fucked Ransomware on your computer is quite small; however, if it ever happens that you find it active on your system, you must delete it fully as soon as possible. First, enter the unlock code 123 to get your files decrypted (we cannot promise that this code will work if this infection is ever updated) and then remove recently downloaded suspicious files. Our removal guide should help you erase this infection.

Delete Fucked Ransomware

  1. Unlock your files by entering the unlock code 123 in the box on the Form2 window.
  2. Open the Windows Explorer (press Win+E).
  3. Go to %TEMP%, %USERPROFILE%\Downloads, and %USERPROFILE%\Desktop.
  4. Delete all suspicious files from these directories.
  5. Empty the Recycle bin.

In non-techie terms:

Fucked Ransomware is a serious malicious application which locks files when it enters computers successfully. It does not tell users that the only way to get those files unlocked is to send money to the developer of ransomware, so this suggests that it has been developed for testing purposes mainly and should not be used by cyber criminals to obtain money from people. If it is ever updated and you encounter its new version demanding money, you should still not make a payment to cyber criminals. Instead, try out all alternative data recovery methods. In any event, Fucked Ransomware must be removed fully.